The Adulteress (novel)

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The Adulteress
Author Norah E. Dunn
Country United States
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher The MacGregor Co
Publication date
1 January 1927
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 195 pp (hardcover edition)

The Adulteress is a novel by Norah E. Dunn published in 1927 by The MacGregor Company. Set in the American South, the main character is a woman who bears the child of a man married to another woman. It criticized what was seen as the role of women in society at the time as unjust and contained feminist themes. It was banned in the State of Georgia.[citation needed]

Its Library of Congress Classification is PZ3.D9233.


Nicholas is running away, both from his marriage and an unfaithful wife, and the comfortable life he has known in Dublin. He buys a run down house in rural Cavan, right in the heart of Ireland, and embarks on a huge renovation project. While he is there, the house seems to speak to him there are voices coming from an untraceable source, the seductive smell of baking seeps through the walls, and there is the unmistakable ethereal presence of a woman from the past.