The Adventure of the Black Baronet

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The Adventure of the Black Baronet is a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery written by Adrian Conan Doyle. The story was published in the 1954 collection, The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes, a joint enterprise of John Dickson Carr and Adrian Conan Doyle.


Holmes and Watson are relaxing in their vacation hotel in East Grinstead when Inspector Gregson of Scotland Yard arrives to obtain assistance in a dreadful murder. Colonel Jocelyn Dalcy, a guest in the home of Sir Reginald Lavington, has been found stabbed to death. No weapon was found, but a dagger is missing from a nearby display. Sir Reginald claims he was using it while fishing and mislaid it. All suspicion falls upon him, and Gregson is about to make the arrest, but Holmes asks for a day to do some more research. An interview with the beautiful Lady Lavington provides the final clue.[1]

"Yes! Ask the butler, Gillings! It's an old hunting–dagger: hung there for years. Now look at the wound in Colonel Dalcy's throat."

Inured as I was to scenes of violence, I stepped back. Bassett, laying hold of that yellow hair which was tinged with grey at the temples, raised the dead man's head. Even in death it was an eagle face, with a great curving nose above a remorseless mouth.

"The dagger, yes," said Holmes. "But surely an odd direction for the blow? It appears to strike upwards from beneath."


"The Adventure of the Black Baronet" was adapted for a half-hour episode of the CBS series Suspense, broadcast on 26 May 1953.[2][3] Martyn Green played Watson opposite Basil Rathbone. According to Rathbone, it was intended to be a pilot for a subsequent television series which would adapt six more Doyle/Carr stories.[2] No recording of the program is known to have survived.[2]


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