The Adventures of Captain Kentucky

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The Adventures of Captain Kentucky was a weekly comic-strip by Don Rosa, in the Saturday edition of the local newspaper Louisville Times. It ran from October 6, 1979 to August 15, 1982 after the publication of 150 episodes.

It was a continuation of his earlier comic strip The Pertwillaby Papers, with the main character, Lance Pertwillaby, having taken up job as a newspaper-journalist in Louisville, Kentucky, Don Rosa's hometown, and due to toxic waste being dumped into a sewer where Lance was happening to be writing a story, he discovers that by drinking the toxic waste, he is temporarily given super-powers. He salvages a large barrel and keeps a small vial of it on his person, in case of an emergency. The strip often featured real events and local celebrities from Louisville and Kentucky as backdrops, or, occasionally, as supporting characters in storylines.

Also featured was Lance's Basset hound Cleo, based on Don Rosa's own dog of the same name and breed.


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