The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy

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The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy
Genre Children
Starring Christina Lange
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Original release 17 September 1988 – 1990

The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy is an American animated TV series that aired on CBS from 17 September 1988 to 1990. CBS aired reruns of the show in August, 1991 after actor Paul Ruebens (who played Pee Wee Herman) got arrested. It is based on the dolls Raggedy Ann and Andy by Johnny Gruelle. The plot involved a little girl (named Marcella)'s Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that would come to life when no humans were present in her bedroom. Then they would be whisked off to a parallel world to save its inhabitants from the villain, an evil but inept sorcerer known as Cracklin. Also aiding Ann and Andy were two of Marcella's other stuffed animals, a panda with a faux-British accent known as Grouchy Bear and a stuffed rabbit known as Sunny Bunny. Sometimes they would be joined by more modern toys such as robots or toy soldiers. Often the plot involved the toys helping children in such places as Ancient Egypt or a Native American tribe. As the cartoon was meant for younger audiences it was unlike most other cartoons of the 1980s which had "announcements", although one episode lightly touched upon the issue of poaching when Raggedy Ann, Andy and their friends had to save endangered unicorns from cattle rustlers, who sought to steal their horns for personal gain.[1]

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1. The Perriwonk Adventure: The toys track Marcella's missing locket to a village inhabited by hybrid alligator-anteater creatures called Perriwonks, who plan to sacrifice it to a dragon.

2. The Pirate Adventure: A treasure map leading to a pot of gold leads the toys to a crew of pirates who kidnap Andy.

3. The Mabbit Adventure: Cracklin steals a book of spells from the mabbits.

4. The Beastly Ghost Adventure: A ghost story told by Marcella becomes horrifyingly true when the ghost of the tale begins terrorizing the toys.

5. The Pixling Adventure: Ann and Andy must return the infant prince of the Pixleys to his home before the evil Count Gerich takes over.

6. The Ransom of Sunny Bunny Adventure: Cracklin kidnaps Sunny Bunny.

7. The Megamite Adventure

8. The Boogeyman Adventure

9. The Christmas Adventure

10. The Sacred Cat Adventure

11. The Little Chicken Adventure

12. The Warrior Star Adventure

13. The Magic Wings Adventure


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