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The Adventurous Four is a series of novels written by Enid Blyton. The stories revolve around twins Jill and Mary, their elder brother Tom and their fisher friend Andy. The first book was published in 1941 and was set during wartime.

Modern Versions[edit]

In the modern versions, editors have changed the girls' names to Pippa and Zoe. The books were re-titled in 1998 as The Adventurous Four Shipwrecked! and The Adventurous Four Stranded!. The short story from Enid Blyton's Omnibus! was expanded by Clive Dickinson to form a third novel, The Adventurous Four Trapped!. E. H. Davie and Jessie Land illustrated the two original books.

The Adventurous Four (1941) - Modern name: The Adventurous Four Shipwrecked![edit]

When Tom, Jill and Mary go to stay at a little fishing village in Scotland, the local fisherman's lad, Andy, promises to take them out in his boat. But a storm takes them off course and they end up shipwrecked on a small group of islands. Worse, it seems the islands are being used as a secret submarine base by the enemy... The story is set in World War II and revolves around a potential dangerous enemy base that could attack Britain at any time.