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The Advocate was a weekly newspaper founded in Melbourne, Victoria in 1868 and published for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne from 1919 to 1990.


The paper was founded in Melbourne by Samuel Vincent Winter, who was also a proprietor and editor of the Melbourne Herald, in February 1868, with assistance from Sir Charles Gavan Duffy, the Very Rev. J. Dalton, S.J., the Rev. G. V. Barry, and Hon. Michael O'Grady, as an outlet for Irish Catholic news and opinions. A few years later his brother Joseph Winter took over management of The Advocate.[1]

In 1902 they imported a font of Gaelic type and were thus the first newspaper in Australia to print in Irish Gaelic. In March 1919 the paper was purchased from the Winter family by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and continued weekly publication until 1990.[2]


The Advocate has been digitized and made available online at Trove, a service of the National Library of Australia.

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