The African American Museum in Cleveland

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The African American Museum in Cleveland

African American Museum formerly the Afro-American Cultural & Historical Society Museum in Cleveland, Ohio was founded in 1953 by Icabod Flewellen. The Museum is housed in a 100-year-old Carnegie Library building. The Museum works to educate young people about the positive contributions of blacks to the cultures of the world, and to eliminate the distorted portrayals and images of black people.


  • African Past and Present
  • Civil Movements in America
  • Reflections of Black Life in Cleveland
  • Black Scientists and Inventors (Supported in part by NASA.)[1]
  • The African Solar Village Outreach Project

In partnership with Green Energy Ohio the museum hosted an exhibit on the use of solar power in African Villages. The museum installed a solar panel on its roof. The components of the system are in a clear display case and part of the exhibit. The African Solar Village Outreach Project plans to establish creative avenues for teaching science and mathematics, specifically Solar Energy, to visitors. The African Solar Village exhibit, its other tours and hands-on activities are designed to offer an understanding of how science and culture interrelate in unique ways.[2]

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