Baltimore Afro-American

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The Afro-American
Baltimore Afro-American building (Baltimore 2008).jpg
The Afro Building on North Charles Street
Type Weekly
Format Broadsheet (full page)
Publisher John J. Oliver Jr.
Editor Kamau High, Managing Editor [1]
Founded 1892
Headquarters 2519 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

The Baltimore Afro-American, commonly known as The Afro, is a weekly newspaper published in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It is the flagship newspaper of the Afro-American chain and the longest-running African-American family-owned newspaper in the United States.[2][3]


Nameplate of the Afro-American Ledger, September 6, 1913

The newspaper was founded in 1892 by a former slave, John H. Murphy, Sr., who merged his church publication, The Sunday School Helper, with two other church publications, The Ledger and The Afro-American. The publication began to rise in prominence when, in 1922, Carl Murphy took control and served as its editor for 45 years. There have been as many as 13 editions of the newspaper in major cities across the country; today there are just two: one in Baltimore, and the other in Washington, D.C.[4]


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