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The After Party
The After Party (film).png
Film release poster
Directed byIan Edelman
Produced by
Screenplay byIan Edelman
Distributed byNetflix
Release date
  • August 24, 2018 (2018-08-24) (Worldwide)
CountryUnited States

The After Party is an American film written and directed by Ian Edelman. The film stars Kyle Harvey, Harrison Holzer, Shelley Hennig, Teyana Taylor, Jordan Rock, Amin Joseph, Andy Buckley, and Blair Underwood.

The film was released on August 24, 2018, by Netflix.

Advocates for people with epilepsy criticized the film as providing an inaccurate and stigmatizing portrayal of persons with seizure disorders.[1]


Aspiring rapper Owen (Kyle) and his manager/childhood friend Jeff find Rahmel in a bathroom stall and rap to him, hoping for a record deal. The person in the bathroom stall turns out to be not Rahmel but his intern, Bernard. Jeff convinces Bernard to get Rahmel to come to their next show in exchange for producer credit on their next album. On the train ride home, they list their top five rappers and Jeff points out that Owen did not put his own name on that list.

When coming home from high school, Owen runs into Jeff’s sister, Alicia, and invites her to his next show. Jeff invites his father to Owen’s next show, who tells him he needs to focus more when he gets to Harvard. Owen is talking to his father backstage before the show to calm his nerves when Jeff tells Owen that he wishes his father would be more supportive of him. They meet Bernard, who brought Wiz Khalifa instead of Rahmel. They smoke weed with Wiz Khalifa before Owen performs onstage. Owen performs well onstage, but throws up on Wiz Khalifa and has a seizure. The video of Owen’s seizure goes viral and is called “Seezah Boi”. Owen decides to join the Marines, but agrees to continue rapping and not join the Marines if Jeff can get Owen a record deal by Friday.

Jeff approaches record labels but finds no one wants to sign “Seezah Boi”. Jeff convinces Jessica to set up a meeting between Owen and Rahmel at a French Montana concert. Jeff convinces Alicia to join them at the French Montana concert for $20,000 in agricultural bonds. Jeff goes to pick up Owen in his dad's expensive car, but Owen refuses to go until he sees Alicia going. They reach the concert but can’t enter because they are not on the list.

Alicia leaves to go to her boyfriend's party. Owen finds Alicia at the party and meets her new boyfriend Brooklyn. Bernard gives Jeff VIP passes to the French Montana concert in exchange for his watch. Jeff finds Owen and Alicia at the party and convinces them to go to the French Montana concert. Jeff tries to convince Owen and Alicia to go backstage, but they choose to watch the concert in front of the stage. French Montana picks Alicia from the crowd and serenades her, making Owen jealous. After the concert, Owen and Jeff meet up with Alicia backstage.

Alicia heads to the after party at the Dream Hotel leaving Owen, who did not want to leave Jeff behind. Owen and Jeff show up to the Dream Hotel but aren’t allowed in as they aren’t on the list and did not bring any women with them. They go to a strip club to bring strippers back with them. They run into a stripper, Bl’asia, who helps them get into the party after they help her get away from her ex-boyfriend, Leon. Owen and Jeff enter the VIP room where they see a large bald man taking Alicia into another room. Jeff finds Jessica with Desiigner in a hot tub watching otter videos. They tell him that Rahmel went home. Owen and Jeff argue after Owen decides to give up and go home. Owen freestyles to the party dissing Jeff and leaves. Leon arrives at the after party. Bernard gives Jeff back his watch, then gets tackled by Leon, who steals Jeff’s watch. Jeff punches Leon knocking him down after the crowd encourages them to fight. Leon gets up and begins strangling Jeff. Owen returns and hits Leon with a bottle knocking him out. A fight in the hotel room breaks out. A gun is fired in the air and the party scatters.

Outside, Jeff looks for Owen and runs into Bernard who gives him the address to Rahmel’s apartment. Jeff finds Owen and they apologize to each other. Owen reconsiders joining the marines and thinks of a plan to get a record deal by morning. Owen and Jeff drive to Rahmel’s apartment. Owen begins rapping on top of Jeff’s dad's car but gets no response. Owen decides to climb up the fire escape to Rahmel’s window. As they climb up, Rahmel pepper sprays Jeff. Jeff and Owen pick up Alicia from a restaurant. Alicia says goodbye to Owen and makes a pact for the next time they see each other. Jeff drops Owen off at his house where his dad is waiting on the porch. Owen returns Jeff’s watch he stole off Leon and says goodbye. After Jeff reveals the damage he did to his dad’s car they get into an argument before his dad leaves for a phone call. Owen leaves for the marines. Jeff’s dad returns to finish the conversation, but Jeff receives a phone call from French Montana offering him a record deal. After it is revealed that a video of Owen freestyling at the fighting Leon at the party went viral, many record companies offer Owen a record deal. Jeff calls Owen to reveal the news. Owen returns and wakes Alicia up to fulfill their pact.


  • Kyle Harvey as Owen Ellison, an aspiring rapper
  • Harrison Holzer as Jeff Levine, Owen's best friend and manager
  • Shelley Hennig as Alicia Levine, Jeff's older sister and Owen's love interest
  • Teyana Taylor as Bl'Asia, a stripper who Jeff is attracted to
  • Jordan Rock as Bernard, Rahmel's unpaid intern
  • Amin Joseph as Leon, Bl'Asia's stalker ex
  • Andy Buckley as Mr. Levine, Jeff and Alicia's father
  • Blair Underwood as Sgt. Martin Ellison, Owen's father

Several celebrities have cameo appearances, including Dinah Jane, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, DJ Khaled, Ski Mask the Slump God, Desiigner, Pusha T, Jadakiss, DMX, Tee Grizzley, Young M.A, A Boogie wit da Hoodie,Eddie Huang.[2]


In September 2017, it was announced that Ian Edelman would write and direct The After Party for Netflix. Kyle Harvey, Harrison Holzer, Shelley Hennig, Teyana Taylor, Jordan Rock, Amin Joseph, Andy Buckley, and Blair Underwood joined the cast of the film.[3]


Principal photography began in September 2017.[4] Filming was scheduled to last six weeks at locations in New York including The Meadows Music & Arts Festival and the Gramercy Theatre.[4]


The film released on August 24, 2018.[5]


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