The Alarm (Boyle)

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The Alarm
Indian Alarm
Artist John J. Boyle
Year 1884
Type Bronze
Dimensions 180 cm × 110 cm × 110 cm (72 in × 42 in × 42 in)
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Coordinates 41°56′10″N 87°37′57″W / 41.93611°N 87.63250°W / 41.93611; -87.63250

The Alarm (Indian Alarm) is a Bronze statue, by John J. Boyle. It is located in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

It was commissioned in 1880, and dedicated on May 17, 1884.[1]

On the base are four incised granite tablets with scenes of Ottawa life: "The Peace Pipe," "The Corn Dance," "Forestry," and "The Hunt."

The inscription reads:
(Base front:)
Presented to Lincoln Park by Martin Ryerson.
(Base, on one granite tablet:)
The Peace Pipe
(Base, on another granite tablet:)
The Corn Dance
(Base, on another granite table:)
(Base, on another granite table:)
The Hunt signed

the monument in an early 20th century postcard. Note the arrows present in the hand of the male figure.


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