The Aleph (short story collection)

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El Aleph
First edition
AuthorJorge Luis Borges
PublisherEditorial Losada, Buenos Aires
Publication date
Pages224 (penguin classics edition)

The Aleph and Other Stories (Spanish: El Aleph, 1949) is a book of short stories by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The title work, "The Aleph", describes a point in space that contains all other spaces at once. The work also presents the idea of infinite time. Borges writes in the original afterword, dated May 3, 1949 (Buenos Aires), that most of the stories belong to the genre of fantasy, mentioning themes such as identity and immortality. Borges added four new stories to the collection in the 1952 edition, for which he provided a brief postscript to the afterword. The story "La intrusa" (The Intruder) was first printed in the third edition of El Aleph (1966) and was later included in the collection El informe de Brodie (1970).[1]


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