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The Alien Beats is a band created by Britt Daniel.

Before creating Spoon, Britt Daniel toyed around with a few musical acts in the Austin area.[1] After his stint with Skellington, fellow KTSB (now KVRX) DJ Brad Shenfeld asked Britt if he would be interested in starting a country / rockabilly band. Britt declined, but then called Brad back a week later and agreed. Britt played bass and Brad played guitar; they both shared vocal duties. They called the band The Alien Beats. During a demo recording session drummer Jim Eno was brought in as a fill-in when the original drummer could not make it. Jim soon after became the band's permanent drummer.[2] This association led to the formation of Spoon in the following year.


Cavin' In
EP by The Alien Beats
Released 1993
Genre Indie rock
Length 9:48
Label Syncretic Records

Cavin' In[edit]

  1. "Cavin' In" - 3:13
  2. "Under The Table" - 2:07
  3. "Time Won't Tell" - 4:28


Britt Daniel wrote and sang lead for track 2: "Under The Table".


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