The Alpha Incident

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The Alpha Incident
Poster of the movie The Alpha Incident.jpg
Directed by Bill Rebane
Produced by Herbert L. Cohan (associate producer)
Michael D. Graves (executive producer)
Woody Jarvis (associate producer)
Barbara J. Rebane (executive producer)
Bill Rebane (producer)
Written by Ingrid Neumayer (original screenplay)
Starring See below
Music by Richard A. Girvin
Cinematography Bela St. Jon
Edited by Bill Rebane
Release date
Running time
95 minutes
86 minutes (American DVD)
Country United States
Language English

The Alpha Incident is a 1978 American film directed by Bill Rebane.

The film is also known as The Alien Incident in Belgium (English video title).

Plot summary[edit]

A space probe returns to Earth from Mars, carrying with it a deadly organism which has the lethal potential to destroy all life on Earth. Being transported across country by train, the micro-organism is released when a nosy train employee inspects the cargo. This results in the entire train station being quarantined. Those trapped wait for the government to find a cure, while trying not to fall asleep because that is when this unseen killer strikes.



  • Deanna Wynand and Don Lasee and The Ramblin Fever Band - "The Gift" (Lyrics by Dale Kuippers (as Dale Kuipers) and Bill Rebane, music by Tom Barnet)

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