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The Amazing Mr. Malone (also known as Murder and Mr. Malone) is an American radio crime drama series based on the John Malone series of mystery novels by Craig Rice. The series began on ABC in 1948 and was broadcast on NBC Radio in 1951.

Characters and story[edit]

Socialite John Joseph Malone (Gene Raymond, George Petrie, Frank Lovejoy) is a tough Chicago criminal lawyer who takes on a new case in each episode. Malone never gives up until justice is done. Gene Wang wrote for the program.[1] The Amazing Mr. Malone was developed by Bernard L. Schubert.[2]


The series had a brief television run from September 24, 1951 to March 10, 1952 on ABC, with Lee Tracy in the title role.[3] The TV series was sponsored by the Seiberling Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio and was seen alternately with Mr. District Attorney.[4]


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