The Amazing Pudding

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The Amazing Pudding
  • Ivor Trueman
  • Andy Mabbett
  • Bruno MacDonald
  • Dave Walker
Categories Rock music fanzine
Frequency Six per year
  • Ivor Trueman
  • Andy Mabbett
  • Bruno MacDonald
  • Dave Walker
Founder Ivor Trueman
First issue 1983 (1983)
Final issue
1993 (1993)
Country United Kingdom
ISSN 0951-8304
OCLC number 226127235

The Amazing Pudding (1983–1993)[1] was a British fan magazine devoted to Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and the solo careers of other Pink Floyd band members, including Syd Barrett.[2][3] It was seen as being the main fanzine of Pink Floyd during the time of its publication.[4] Journalist Stuart Maconie wrote about The Amazing Pudding as part of a feature in the April 1993 issue of Q.[5][6]


The title, The Amazing Pudding, was a originally a working title for Pink Floyd's 1970 "Atom Heart Mother" suite.[7]

The magazine was established by Ivor Trueman and was co-edited and published, variously, by Trueman (issues 1–17, 1983-), Andy Mabbett (issues 2–60, 1983-1993),[8][9][10] Bruno MacDonald (issues 24–60, 1987–1993),[11] and Dave Walker (issues 13–60, −1993), for ten years and 60 issues.[1]

MacDonald, who started writing for the magazine starting with issue 15, described the self-published and self-distributed publication – available in the United Kingdom at large record stores like HMV, Tower Records, and Virgin among others – as being purely independent, illustrated by its irreverent take on the band and its members.[11][12]

Associated publications[edit]

Trueman went on to publish the Syd Barrett fanzine called Opel before co-founding Delerium Records in 1991.[13]

Mabbett wrote three books on Pink Floyd: Pink Floyd: The Visual Documentary (1994, with Miles),[14] The Complete Guide to the Music of Pink Floyd (1995),[15] and Pink Floyd: The Music and the Mystery (2010).[16] Mabbett also wrote the section on Pink Floyd in the official program for the band's 1996 induction into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[17] Mabbett appears as a Pink Floyd expert in the documentary, Whatever Happened to Pink Floyd?[10]

MacDonald also edited a Sidgwick & Jackson book (later republished by Da Capo Press) that was an anthology of collected writings about the band called Pink Floyd: Through the Eyes of... the Band, Its Fans, Friends, and Foes (1996).[18]


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