The Amazing Race 17

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The Amazing Race 17
Season run September 26 – December 12, 2010
Filming dates May 26 – June 15, 2010
No. of episodes 12
Winning team Natalie "Nat" Strand & Katherine "Kat" Chang
Continents visited 4
Countries visited 10
Cities visited 30
Distance traveled 32,000 miles (51,000 km)
Unfinished Business Gary & Mallory Ervin
All-Stars Mallory Ervin
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 16
Next →
Season 18

The Amazing Race 17 is the seventeenth installment of the reality television show The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race 17 features 11 teams of two individuals, each with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world.[1]

The seventeenth cycle started on Sunday, September 26, 2010. It aired on CBS in the United States in a special 90-minute episode; then returned to its normal hour-long format the following week on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT with the season finale on December 12, 2010. The show was again hosted by Phil Keoghan.

This was the final season filmed and broadcast in Standard Definition.[2]

Anesthesiologists Natalie "Nat" Strand and Katherine "Kat" Chang were the winners of the Race, and were the first all-female team to win the American edition of the competition.[a]

The season was released by CBS DVD on November 4, 2014, in a DVD set including all episodes and its accompanying Elimination Station web series. It was only made available through online purchase, manufactured by's CreateSpace.


Development and filming[edit]

CBS renewed the 17th edition of The Amazing Race on January 25, 2010.[3] The season premiered on September 26, 2010 with a special 90-minute episode; it returned to its regular hour-long format the following week.[4]

This season spanned 32,000 miles (51,000 km) while racing across four continents, with first-time visits to Ghana and Bangladesh, and for the first time in the show's history, teams crossed the Arctic Circle.[5]

Filming began on May 26, 2010, with the starting line at the Eastern Point Yacht Club in Gloucester, Massachusetts,[6] making this the first season since The Amazing Race All-Stars to start in a city other than Los Angeles and ended on June 15, 2010 with the finish line at Los Angeles, California.

Prior to the Race's broadcast, CBS posted a short preview video clip from an episode on the Internet, showing Brook and Claire competing at a watermelon launching challenge using an elastic slingshot. The clip showed Claire, working the slingshot, being hit in the face full-on with a watermelon after it failed to launch correctly, leaving her momentarily stunned but otherwise not seriously injured.[7] The clip spread on the internet virally.[7][8][9]

Phil Keoghan began both the season and the video background segments of the contestants while standing on the grass mall of Castle Hill in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Two new game elements were introduced in this season. The first is the Express Pass, awarded to the team who finished first on the first Leg. This item would allow the team to skip any Detour, Roadblock or Route Marker task before Leg 8. Dating couple Jill and Thomas won the Express Pass, which they later used to bypass the Beds Detour on Leg 4. Another new element is the Double U-Turn, where two teams are allowed to use U-Turns in a single race leg. Jill and Thomas U-Turned Brook and Clarie while Nat and Kat U-Turned Chad and Stephanie.

During the Leg 3 Pit Stop in Ghana, teams helped renovate the school that they visited during the leg.


Applications were due on February 4, 2010. Semi-finalist interviews were held sometime in March 2010 and the final casting interviews took place in Los Angeles around March 2010.[10] From there, 11 teams were selected as contestants and filming took place around May to June 2010.

The cast included a team of home shopping hosts, Internet entertainer Kevin Wu – popularly known as "KevJumba" – and his father Michael; Ivy League a cappella singers; and a birth mother and daughter who recently reunited following an adoption over 20 years earlier.[5] This was the first season without a married couple. There were 3 beauty queens competing: Mallory Ervin, who competed in Miss America 2010, where she placed fourth runner-up; Brook Roberts, who competed in Miss America 2005; and Stephanie Smith, who was Miss South Carolina USA 2009.

Four all-female teams were cast this season, a record for the American edition, which had previously only cast as many as three in the sixteen prior seasons.

Chad Waltrip proposed to Stephanie Smith during the course of the race; they were married on November 20, 2010.[11]

Gary & Mallory raced once again in The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business among a cast of returning teams from seasons 12–17. Mallory returned on the second All-Star edition, racing with Mark from season 20, replacing an ill Bopper.


The following teams participated in the Race, each listed along with their placements in each leg and relationships as identified by the program. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcast on television, owing to the inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Nat & Kat Doctors 2nd 7th 8th 1st 1stƒ 4th 1st 5th 3rd 1st 3rd 1st Nat 6, Kat 5
Brook & Claire Home Shopping Hosts 4th 1st 6th 3rd 5th 2nd 2nd5 4th 4th 3rd 2nd11 2nd Brook 7, Claire 5
Jill & Thomas Dating 1st 5th 7th 5thε3 3rd 1st 5th 2nd8 1st 2nd 1st 3rd Jill 5, Thomas 7
Nick & Vicki Dating 10th 8th 5th 6th 6th 7th4 3rd 3rd 2nd 4th10 4th12 Nick 6, Vicki 5
Chad & Stephanie Newly Dating→Engaged7 8th 4th 3rd 7th 7th 5th 6th6 1st 5th Chad 5, Stephanie 4
Gary & Mallory Father/Daughter 6th 9th 2nd 2nd 2nd 6th 4th 6th9 Gary 4, Mallory 4
Michael & Kevin Father/Son 7th 3rd 9th 4th 4th 3rd 7th5 Michael 3, Kevin 4
Katie & Rachel Beach Volleyball Partners 5th 2nd 4th 8th 8th Katie 3, Rachel 2
Connor & Jonathan Ivy League A Cappella Singers 3rd 6th 1st 9th Connor 4, Jonathan 0
Andie & Jenna Birth Mom/Daughter 9th 10th Andie 0, Jenna 2
Ron & Tony Best Friends 11th1 Ron 12, Tony 0
  • A red team placement means the team was eliminated.
  • A green ƒ indicates that the team won a Fast Forward.
  • A purple ε indicates that the team decided to use the Express Pass on that leg.
  • An underlined blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg & had to perform a Speed Bump in the next leg of the race whereas an underlined and italicized blue placement signifies that there was no Speed Bump on the next Leg due to a production error (see below).
  • A brown ⊃ or a cyan ⋑ indicates that the team chose to use one of the two U-Turns in a Double U-Turn; or indicates the team who received it.
  1. ^ Ron & Tony incurred a penalty for an unspecified amount of time for quitting the coracle task. However, since Ron & Tony arrived at the Pit Stop in last place, they were eliminated without the penalty being applied.
  2. ^ While neither Ron nor Tony was shown performing the Roadblock in Leg 1, the official website lists Ron as the team member who completed the task.
  3. ^ Jill & Thomas used the Express Pass to bypass the Detour in Leg 4.
  4. ^ While Nick & Vicki came in last in a non-elimination leg, they did not face a Speed Bump in the following leg. Post-race interviews revealed that the Speed Bump was waived, and that everyone's placement in that leg was equalized at the Detour, in compensation for various production difficulties in the previous leg affecting all of the teams.[12] One of the problems involved the judge at the Classical Music Detour who made erroneous calls causing teams (Nick & Vicki in particular) to spend more time at the task than they needed to.
  5. ^ Brook & Claire initially followed Michael & Kevin by taking a taxi from the Tower to the Church of the Savior on Blood when the clue instructed them to travel on foot. Once Claire realized that this was wrong before coming to the church Brook instructed the driver to turn back to the tower in order for Brook & Claire to correct their mistake which they did. This did not affect their overall placement in Leg 7 since they were automatically checked in second with Nick & Vicki who were checked in third.
  6. ^ Chad & Stephanie arrived without their bags and having failed to pay the taxi that drove them to the Pit Stop. They were required to return to their taxi, pay their fare, and retrieve their bags before being allowed to check in. During this time, Michael & Kevin arrived in 6th, but were issued two 30-minute penalties: one for hiring a taxi to lead them from Bank Bridge to 1 Vladimirsky Prospekt Tower, and another for taking a taxi from the Tower to the Church of the Savior on Blood, both of which were explicitly prohibited by two clues. Chad & Stephanie returned during Michael & Kevin's penalty time, but were also issued a 30-minute penalty for taking a taxi to Church of the Savior on Blood when the clue instructed them to travel on foot. Since they were the only two teams left to check in at that point, and Michael & Kevin had more than 30 minutes remaining on their penalty time, Chad & Stephanie were allowed to check in immediately for a 6th-place finish, with their penalty time applied to the start of the next leg. Michael & Kevin were then checked in and eliminated before their penalty time elapsed.
  7. ^ Chad & Stephanie left the Pit Stop in Saint Petersburg over 2 hours late because they accidentally overslept. This did not affect their overall placement in Leg 8 since they were the last to depart. During Leg 8, Chad proposed to Stephanie, who accepted. Their relationship title was changed from "Newly Dating" to "Engaged".
  8. ^ Jill & Thomas initially arrived 1st, but were issued a 30-minute penalty for paying a taxi driver to lead them to the Pit Stop, which was explicitly prohibited in the clue. As Jill & Thomas were waiting out their penalty, Chad & Stephanie checked in, dropping Jill & Thomas to 2nd.
  9. ^ Gary & Mallory were issued a 30-minute penalty for possessing and using maps, which was explicitly prohibited in the clue. Already in last place, they were eliminated without the penalty being applied.
  10. ^ Nick & Vicki elected to forfeit the Detour because they were too exhausted to continue. They arrived at the Pit Stop last, but were notified that it was a non-elimination leg. The 6-hour penalty they would have taken from the Detour was instead applied to their starting time in Leg 11.
  11. ^ Brook & Claire initially arrived 1st, but were issued a 30-minute penalty for taking a taxi to their Detour location when the clue instructed teams to travel either on foot or take the subway. As Brook & Claire were waiting out their penalty, Jill & Thomas checked in, dropping Brook & Claire to 2nd.
  12. ^ Nick & Vicki's departure time (which was approximately 11:45 pm) was not shown in Leg 11, because they departed at least 6 hours later than Brook & Claire's departure, which was at 5:26 pm, due to the penalty applied to their starting time in that leg (see note 10), and they fell far behind. Also, by the time they made it to the Seung-il Bridge in Cheorwon, all the other teams had already checked in at the Pit Stop and it had become too dark for them to safely perform some of the tasks. During the broadcast of the leg, they were only shown performing the Speed Bump (which was not described by Phil) and then immediately checking in at the Pit Stop to be eliminated. In interviews after the episode was broadcast, they revealed that they did the Detour as well.[13][14]

Episode title quotes[edit]

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers. However, many of the cited websites do not use episode titles, including the network CBS.[15]

  1. "They Don't Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!" – Brook
  2. "A Kiss Saves the Day" – Brook
  3. "In Phil We Trust" – Connor
  4. "We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads" – Kevin
  5. "Tastes Like a Million Dollars" – Kat
  6. "Run, Babushka, Run" – Vicki
  7. "I Want to Be in the Circus, That's Where I Belong" – Brook
  8. "Ali Baba in a Suit" – Nick
  9. "There's a Lot of Nuts and Bullets" – Jill
  10. "I Hate Chinese Food" – Vicki
  11. "I'm Surrounded by Ninjas" – Brook
  12. "Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race"[16]Nat


The prize for each leg is awarded to the first place team for that leg. All trips are sponsored by Travelocity.

  • Leg 1 – The Express Pass – an item that can be used on the race to skip any one task of the team's choosing up until Leg 8.
  • Leg 2 – A trip for two to Hawaii.
  • Leg 3 – $5,000 for each team member.
  • Leg 4 – A trip for two to Belize.
  • Leg 5 – A trip for two to Costa Rica.
  • Leg 6 – A trip for two to São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Leg 7 – $5,000 for each team member.
  • Leg 8 – A trip for two to Belize.
  • Leg 9 – $15,000 Discover gift card.
  • Leg 10 – A trip for two to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Leg 11 – A trip for two to Iguazu Falls, Argentina.
  • Leg 12 – $1,000,000

Elimination Station[edit]

After elimination, the first five eliminated teams were sequestered at a villa in Cancun, Mexico, to await the finale. CBS posted short videos on its website after each episode aired in the Pacific Time Zone to show the eliminated teams interacting at the villa.

  • After Leg 1, Ron & Tony were the first team eliminated and were sent to the villa. They expressed their disappointment in being the first eliminated team, but decided to make the most of their situation. After they settled into the villa, they decided to go kayaking, remarking how much easier it was compared to the coracle that they unsuccessfully manned during the race. Afterward, Ron and Tony sat by the pool and tried to predict who would be the first to join them in the villa; they agreed that it could be anyone.
  • After Leg 2, Andie & Jenna were the second team eliminated and were sent to the villa. Ron and Tony welcomed them, glad to finally have another team in the villa to keep them company. Andie and Jenna revealed that they had only recently met, which shocked and moved both Ron and Tony. Andie and Jenna talked at length about their relationship over dinner with Ron and Tony, with Andie revealing the circumstances surrounding Jenna's adoption, and that she has 10 other children.
  • Leg 3 was a non-elimination leg; hence, no new teams were sent to the villa. Ron and Tony gave Andie and Jenna salsa dancing lessons. Afterward, Andie and Jenna sat by the pool and discussed their relationship.
  • After Leg 4, Connor & Jonathan were the third team eliminated and were sent to the villa. Prior to their arrival, Ron, Tony, Andie, and Jenna went on a whale shark watching excursion, but after Andie and Jenna became seasick from the rough waves, everyone returned to the villa without seeing any. Later, Connor and Jonathan arrived and shared the song they sang for Phil when they were eliminated. Connor and Jonathan then recounted what happened on their last leg, claiming that the remaining teams were starting to become more cutthroat – news which disappointed Andie and Jenna.
  • After Leg 5, Katie & Rachel were the fourth team eliminated and were sent to the villa. Before their arrival, the three eliminated teams went to Kings Bath, where legend holds that the King bathed his children. Afterward, the three teams speculated on who would show up next, wanting another "fun" team to join them in the villa. Katie and Rachel arrived and immediately expressed how angry and disappointed they were to be eliminated, ignoring the other eliminated teams' attempts to console them. This irritated Ron and Tony, who claimed that Katie and Rachel's bitter attitudes were bringing a negative energy to the house. Later, Katie and Rachel admitted that they did enter the villa in a foul mood, but did not regret anything they had said, further bemoaning the fact that they had lost the race.
  • Leg 6 was a non-elimination leg; hence, no new teams were sent to the villa. The group played a game of water volleyball together in the villa's pool. Afterward, they went to the beach. Katie and Rachel, still bitter about being eliminated, said that they did not want one of the remaining all-female teams to win the race, since Katie and Rachel wanted to be the first all-female winners.
  • After Leg 7, Michael & Kevin were the fifth team eliminated and were sent to the villa. After the other teams went snorkeling during the day, Katie and Rachel continued to state that they wanted an all-female team (specifically Brook and Claire) to be eliminated next, as they still were upset that they personally would not be the first all-female team to win; the two girls were disappointed when they saw Michael and Kevin arrive. Kevin stated his disappointment at their elimination due to their hour-long penalty, while Michael joked that he was glad to finally be done with the stresses of racing. While alone, Kevin continued to say he wished they had not been eliminated so they could have potentially gone to Asia (specifically China) and had a linguistic advantage, but Michael told him to just drop the issue. The next day, the eliminated teams visited Punta Sur, where Katie and Rachel spoke with Michael and Kevin about their elimination. Michael told the group that they should not dwell on their loss, and that it should be a learning experience on how to accept even the biggest disappointments in life.
  • After Leg 8, Gary & Mallory were the sixth team eliminated. The teams gathered around a phone, waiting for a call to see who was eliminated. Before the call, Jenna stated that she and Rachel had dreams the previous night that either Gary and Mallory or Brook and Claire were eliminated. Katie and Rachel stated, again, that they wanted Brook and Claire to be eliminated. Everyone was surprised when Gary and Mallory called, and told the teams that it was the hardest leg ever, and that they traveled for 16 hours and ended up losing to Nat and Kat with minutes to spare. After the call, the teams continued to comment on Katie and Rachel's obsession that an all-female team should not win the race this season. The next day, the eliminated teams went down to the docks to pick up an amberjack and then cook it in the traditional Mayan Tikin Xic style. Once the food was prepared, Andie told everyone that it reminded her of home and being with family, and that the eliminated teams were her substitute family, and Connor joked that she was their substitute birth mom. Later, Ron and Tony spoke with Andie on her relationship with Jenna, and Andie said that whatever Jenna wanted to do from this point on was fine with her.
  • After Leg 9, Chad & Stephanie were the seventh team eliminated. Connor and Jonathan spoke about how they feel that the fact that they did not attend their graduation at Princeton makes it better that they did not have the transition from college student into adulthood. Later, the eliminated teams went to Alux, an underground restaurant inside a natural cavern, and Jenna had everyone around the table say what they learned from their time on the Race.
  • Leg 10 was a non-elimination leg, but this Elimination Station featured eliminated teams waiting for the phone call and Chad and Stephanie calling the villa after their elimination in Leg 9. They told the other eliminated teams how being U-Turned by Nat & Kat led to their elimination, and then shared the news about their engagement. Ron joked with them by asking if the elimination affected their engagement. The eliminated teams discussed who they wanted in the top 3, with Nat & Kat and Brook & Claire both mentioned, with jokes made towards Katie & Rachel's dislike that a girl-girl team might win and that it was not going to be them. Later, all the eliminated teams packed up and prepared for their flight to the final destination city. Michael finally admitted to Kevin that if he were more confident in himself, they might have been able to go farther in the Race. Andie and Jenna were glad that they would be returning home soon, and Jenna expressed how she felt about her relationship with her biological mother. As the eliminated teams left he villa, all of them speculated on what the final destination would be, with guesses ranging from somewhere in Arizona to Seattle to New York City.
  • After Leg 11, Nick & Vicki were the eighth and final team eliminated. Elimination Station showed the five eliminated teams arriving at the End City in Los Angeles, California. After arriving in Los Angeles, the teams checked into a hotel, settled into their rooms, and awaited the phone call from the eighth team eliminated. Ron commented that he and Tony are in their home city; Kevin commented that there would be a lot of interesting things to do in Los Angeles, while also saying to his father what it would be like if they were still racing; and Andie and Jenna discussed how their future relationship would develop. Later, the teams gathered to get the call from the field to learn that Nick & Vicki had been eliminated. Vicki mentions how she had gotten sick in the previous leg, and that coupled with a penalty contributed to their loss. Nick said that he believed that Jill & Thomas would win the race, as they had been coming in first lately, but Vicki said that she thinks Nat & Kat would win. The eliminated teams joked that Rachel would physically attack either Brook & Claire or Nat & Kat if they came across the finish line first; although Rachel said she was no longer upset that a girl-girl team could win this season.
  • Leg 12 was the final leg of The Amazing Race 17. Elimination Station showed the Finish Line that takes place in Greystone Mansion. Gary & Mallory, Chad & Stephanie, and Nick & Vicki reunited with the other eliminated teams. Andie asked to see Stephanie's engagement ring, and she told the others that they had gotten in first place that leg and won a trip to Belize for their honeymoon. Tony led the eliminated teams in a dance before waiting for the remaining teams to cross the finish line. All the eliminated teams were waiting to find out who they think will cross the Finish Line first and win the $1 million. When they find out that Nat & Kat crossed the finish line first and win the $1 million, everyone congratulated them on being the first all-female team to win the $1 million and the race. Rachel, although still upset that she and Katie were not that team, said she was still happy for their win. The teams then greeted Brook & Claire as they crossed the finish line in 2nd Place, with everyone noting that the top two teams were both women teams. When Jill & Thomas finally crossed the finish line in 3rd Place, Thomas conceded that even though he and Jill were top competitors, Nat & Kat and Brook & Claire were truly the top two teams. Teams expressed their opinions about the final three teams at the Finish Line along with their joys and disappointments about the race, and the learning experiences they could draw from it.

Race summary[edit]

The Route of the Race (Complete Route Map).
Destinations Legenda lotnisko.svg Air travel   Legenda kolej.svg Rail travel   Legenda prom.svg Water travel   Bus-logo.svg Bus travel
Route Markers Detour icon.svg Detour   Roadblock icon.svg Roadblock   Fast Forward icon.svg Fast Forward   U-Turn icon.svg U-Turn   Speed Bump icon.svg Speed Bump   TAR-pitstop-icon.png Pit Stop

Leg 1 (United States → United Kingdom)[edit]

While in England, teams visited the infamous prehistoric monument of Stonehenge.

Airdate: September 26, 2010

At the starting line in Eastern Point Yacht Club, teams were informed by Phil Keoghan that the winners of the first leg would win an Express Pass, which would allow them to skip any task before the end of Leg 8. Their clues were on top of their luggage. Their first destination: London, England. The clue informed them that there was room for only three teams on the American Airlines flight, with the second flight leaving 30 minutes later.

Upon arriving in London, teams had to drive to Stonehenge in Amesbury to pick up their clue and where they had to solve a riddle ("the opposite of Nor'easter") to discover that their next route marker was Eastnor Castle. Once at the castle, teams had to climb a ladder on an exterior wall of the castle while peasants standing atop the wall taunted and poured dirty water on them. Once they climbed the wall, they had to retrieve a medieval flag and then use a coracle to cross the castle's moat to bring the flag to a knight in shining armor who would give the team the next clue.

The clue where it found out for the first Roadblock and teams asked, "Who's ready to go and battle with a knight in shining armor?". One team member had to travel on horseback to a tournament area and use a giant slingshot to launch a watermelon towards a suit of armor standing 50 feet (15 m) away. Once they knocked the armor over, the team had to find a court jester who would give them their next clue to search the castle grounds for the Pit Stop.

Leg 2 (United Kingdom → Ghana)[edit]

The Check Out Detour task showed the Ga custom of having coffins designed after the deceased's job in life.

Airdate: October 3, 2010

At Eastnor Castle grounds, teams gave their next clue which informed them to their next destination: Accra, Ghana. Upon arriving in Accra, teams had to head to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and located their next clue beside the monument, sending them to Makola Market and searched the next clue at the main entrance, which was for the Roadblock and teams asked, "Who thinks they can handle some shady dealings?". One team member had to sell enough sunglasses to make GH₵15 (approx. US$10), while selling no single pair for less than GH₵3 to receive their next clue.

The clue received directing teams to Peace Motor Spare Parts in Teshie for the Detour: a choice between Tune In or Check Out. In Tune In, teams had to travel to Adom Electronics and pick up a television antenna setup, bring it to a marked house, and set it up to the customer's liking. If the television set picked up a proper signal, the house owner would give their next clue. In Check Out, teams had to bring a fantasy coffin from Emmanuel's Woodshop to a showroom across town to retrieve their next clue. The Detour clues sent teams to Kaneshie Market for the Pit Stop.

Leg 3 (Ghana)[edit]

In the Language Arts Detour, teams had to find a set of eight adinkra symbols (as carved at the Calabash stamps in Ntonso, Ghana) in a massive puzzle akin to a word search.

Airdate: October 10, 2010

  • Jamestown (Akotoku Boxing Academy) Roadblock: "You've got a Rocky road ahead of you."
  • Dodowa (Supply Depot)
  • Dodowa (Asebi D/A Primary School) Detour: Bicycle Parts or Language Arts
  • Doryumu (Home of Awusa Ntso) Pit Stop: Leg 3

Teams began the leg in Accra and they had to head to Jamestown's Akotoku Boxing Academy where they encountered the Roadblock, describing "You've got a Rocky road ahead of you". One team member had to perform a boxing workout; after first wrapping their hands properly, the team member had to punch a punching bag and then jump rope for 60 seconds each. Upon completion of the workout, their boxing trainer would give them their next clue.

The clue instructed teams to the Supply Depot in Dodowa, had to load up two wheelbarrows with building supplies and deliver them to the Asebi D/A Primary School. Once at the school, teams had to join a geography class studying a map of Africa. While the children located other nations in Africa, the teams had to correctly locate Ghana on the map in order to receive their next clue from the students.

The clue turned out to be for the Detour: a choice between Bicycle Parts or Language Arts. In Bicycle Parts, both team members had to use a stick to roll a bicycle wheel's rim down the length of a soccer field and back (two passes), without touching it with their hands or letting it fall over. Once they completed their two passes, one of the school children would give them their next clue. In Language Arts, teams chose a proverb with eight phrases highlighted that correspond to a series of eight Adinkra symbols. Using a nearby decoder key, teams had to locate the eight symbols in a massive word search-like puzzle. Once they circled the correct set of Adinkra symbols, one of the school children would give them their next clue. The clues they received directing them to the Home of Awusa Ntso in Doryumu for the Pit Stop.

Leg 4 (Ghana → Sweden)[edit]

Teams traveled to the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, located north of the Arctic Circle, where Michael and Kevin sat on ice chairs for their Speed Bump.

Airdate: October 17, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams were informed they had to head to Kiruna, Sweden, on the Lapland high above the Arctic Circle. Due to limited flights out of Ghana, they must book a flight to Frankfurt, Germany, and given two separate flights to Kiruna. Upon arrival, they headed to Jukkasjärvi's Icehotel. For Michael and Kevin, they had to encounter the Speed Bump and had to sit on chairs made of ice in the Icehotel for 10 minutes before they could take their next clue and continue racing with the others.

Once teams arrived in Icehotel, they had to find the storage room and picked up the next clue from the block of ice, where teams had to figure out for the next location written in Swedish: Pietaras Järvivägen Fjellborgs Vid Väkkäräjärvi, translates to Fjellborg's Lodge in Poikkijärvi, where they encountered for the Roadblock, asking "Who's feeling kind of mushy?". One team member had to choose a sled dog team and hitch them to a summer training sled. They then had to take the dogs on a course and collect five different flags along the course which they could then trade for fur pelts at the end, which they would bring back to camp for their next clue. If they miss a flag, they have to take a penalty lap for each missed flag.

The clue teams received drove them to Vassijaure Train Station in Riksgränsen and they picked up their Detour clue: a choice between Sleds or Beds. In Sleds, teams had to use TechSleds to race down a mountain course in less than 1 minute and 58 seconds. If they failed to reach the end before the allotted time, they would have to repeat the run. In Beds, teams had built a traditional Sami dwelling known as a goahti, and then furnish the inside with furs and a fire pit. A Sami elder would give the team their next clue if the goahti was built and furnished to his or her liking. The clues sent the teams to the Pit Stop at Swedish–Norwegian Border.

Leg 5 (Sweden → Norway)[edit]

The Roadblock in Norway required teams to rappel down and then ascend the Skjomen Bridge.

Airdate: October 24, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams were given their next clue and had to enter Norway and drive to the city of Narvik. Upon arrival, teams were told to head to Fagernesfjellet Mountain, where they had to ride the gondola to the top of the mountain to receive their next clue.

Once ascend at the mountain, teams could choose the Fast Forward. The team had to go to the Stornaustet[17] immersive restaurant in Vidrek to take part with the traditional Christmas ritual, and eat an entire serving of smalahove, a dish made of a boiled sheep's head, between the two of them and receive the Fast Forward clue. Other teams had to do the Roadblock, describing "Strength, stamina, and guts: you've got to have all three." One team member had to rappel off the Skjomen Bridge and then signal for one of two waiting boats to give them their next clue. After retrieving the clue from the boat, the team member had to use a mechanical ascender to return to the bridge deck.

The clue teams received instructing them to Harvika where they found the Detour clue, giving teams a choice between Bike or Boat. In Bike, teams had to ride a bicycle along a course to a sign, where combinations of numbers and colors were shown. Teams then had to memorize the combination of the color that matched the color on their bike, return to the starting point, and then use the combination to unlock their next clue. In Boat, teams had to use a reference map to navigate a boat to a specific location. They then had to deliver two cod and a chainsaw to a summer lodge to receive their next clue. The clues they received directing them to the Pit Stop in Ankenes Marina.

Leg 6 (Norway → Russia)[edit]

In Saint Petersburg, Russia, teams had to find Palace Square, location of the Alexander Column, from a photo on a film canister or on a vinyl record.

Airdate: October 31, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams were informed with their next destination: Saint Petersburg, Russia. They must travel first by train to Stockholm, Sweden; then they took a flight to Saint Petersburg. Upon arrival, they had to head to Rostral Columns in Vasilievsky Island and picked up their next clue.

The clue was for the Detour, giving them the choice between Classical Music and Classic Cinema. In Classical Music, teams traveled to Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace and listened to three different compositions (Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade, and Tchaikovsky's Troika) playing on three numbered gramaphones. They then entered a music hall full of pianists playing several different compositions and had to take a copy of the sheet music from the pianists playing each of the three compositions. Teams would receive their next clue from the maestro after putting the correct compositions in the correct order. In Classic Cinema, teams traveled to Lenfilm and searched through several hundred filmstrips until they found one matching the film playing in the theater (Sergei Eisenstein's October). When they showed the correct filmstrip to the projectionist, he would give the teams their next clue.

The clue received at the Detour, is a record or a film canister that features a photo of their next destination: Palace Square and had to locate their next clue. The clue told teams to travel to Alexandrovskaya for the Roadblock, asking "Who's ready for a Russian Drag Race?". One team member had to dress up like a babushka, pick up a sack of 50 potatoes, and fill a wheelbarrow with cow manure. A babushka would then show them how to properly plant the potatoes, and she would give them their next clue once the planting was completed. The clue sent teams to the Pit Stop at Saint Isaac's Cathedral overlooking Alexander Garden.

Leg 7 (Russia)[edit]

While in Saint Petersburg, teams participated in a "Russian mystery" task where they were brought to the city's infamous landmarks, including the Church of the Savior on Blood.

Airdate: November 7, 2010

Teams started the leg in Saint Petersburg and had to head to Avtovo Circus, where they discovered for the circus-inspired Detour tasks: Circus Band and Circus Clown. In Circus Band, the team members had to learn a Russian folk song (Ivan Larionov's Kalinka) for the accordion. Once they played the song correctly, the band leader would give them their next clue. In Circus Clown, teams had to learn plate spinning and get 10 plates to spin without falling to receive their clue from a clown.

The clues teams received following the Detour and they began a "Russian mystery" task. The first clue was to find the canal bridge guarded by four creatures with golden wings: Bank Bridge, where the next clue told teams to head on foot (without their taxi leading them) to 1 Vladimirsky Prospekt's Tower. At the top of the tower, only two team members at a time would be allowed to look around for a clue to their next location: a figurine of the Church of the Savior on Blood. After locating the Church in the skyline, teams then had to walk to the Church for their next clue. Once they arrived at the Church, teams picked up their next clue describing "What am I? Peter the Great is buried inside me", and told to find the burial site of Peter the Great: Peter and Paul Fortress.

Once teams arrived inside the Fortress and they discovered for the Roadblock, asking "Between the two of you, who is the 'real' player?". One team member had to clear three gorodki pin formations before the pins get reset, to receive their next clue that told them to Naryshkin Bastion at the Fortress for the Pit Stop.

Leg 8 (Russia → Oman)[edit]

The Al Alam Palace at the center of Muscat, Oman was the eighth pit stop of the race.

Airdate: November 14, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams opened their next clue, informing them to travel to the city of Muscat, Oman. Upon arrival, they had to head to Burj Al Mubkharah in Riyam Park, where teams given small silver ingots with three separate times for the following morning, and this time when they would be allowed to climb the fort's watchtower.

The next morning, teams were picked up the next clue above the watchtower, instructing them to drive themselves to the highest point of Oman, Jebel Shams. For cautious safety, a driver would take away at the top and picked up the Roadblock clue, where teams asking "Who wants to add a little magic to their life?". One team member rappelled 500 feet (150 m) down the side of the mountain to a field of hundreds of oil lamps, a handful of which held Aladdin's magic ring. Once they found a lamp with the ring, they had to turn it in for their next clue.

The clue sent the teams to Stack of Books in Nizwa for the Detour. a choice between Water Table and Wedding Table. In Water Table, teams pumped water from a well into a water truck and then drove back into town to deliver the water to their assigned house in the neighborhood of Aswat Al Eid. After delivering the water, the customer gave them their next clue. In Wedding Table, teams traveled to an Arab market and purchased 25 chickens and several other ingredients needed to serve the traditional Omani dish maqbous. Once the dish was complete, they gave the maqbous to a bride and groom who gave them their next clue.

The clues after the Detour where teams instructed to Muttrah Souq, and they had to find the frankincense vendor, then had to search the marketplace for "Ali Baba" to trade the frankincense for their next clue. The clue sent the teams to the Pit Stop in Muscat's Al Alam Palace.

Leg 9 (Oman → Bangladesh)[edit]

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Rickshaw Capital of the world, teams had to use cycle rickshaws for travel and had to build one in the Roadblock.

Airdate: November 21, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams flew to Dhaka, Bangladesh and were informed of a U-Turn on this leg. Upon arriving in Dhaka, they had to head to Sundarban Square Supermarket, find the marked sugarcane stall and press sugarcane to collect its juice. One team member would then drink the juice to receive their next clue.

The clue instructed teams to travel to Dhaka Harbor for the Detour: a choice between Balanced Meal or Balanced Bricks. In Balanced Meal, teams picked up 30 filled tiffin carriers and take them by boat to a larger boat in the harbor. After lifting the lunches to the boat, teams would take 10 empty carriers back to shore where they can exchange them for the next clue. In Balanced Bricks, teams had to unload bricks from a supply barge and carry them in baskets on their head to a shop in the market. When they deliver 100 unbroken bricks, the shop manager will give them their next clue.

The clues after the Detour instructed teams to Sadarghat for a new U-Turn twist, which is a Double U-Turn. Then they travel by cycle rickshaw to Nazira Bazaar for the Roadblock, asking "Who's got it all together?" One team member had to properly assemble a cycle rickshaw using the parts provided in order to receive their clue. The clue directing the teams to the Pit Stop at historic Lalbagh Fort.

Leg 10 (Bangladesh → Hong Kong, China)[edit]

In Hong Kong, teams visited the memorial statue of martial artist and film star Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars.

Airdate: November 28, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams flew to Hong Kong. Upon arrival, they must take a bus and ferry to Cheung Chau and search for Cheung Po Tsai Cave to find their next clue. Teams must travel by ferry to Kowloon, when they get there they must locate Majesty Chinese Restaurant to find their next clue.

The clue was a Roadblock asking "Who's feeling peckish?" One team member had to use chopsticks to search among several plates of food on a buffet for one of five pieces of fake food normally used for display. If the racer picked up a real piece of food, they had to eat it before moving on. Once they found the fake food, they would receive their next clue. Teams travel to Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui to find the Statue of Bruce Lee to find their next clue.

The clue was a Detour and a choice between Ding Ding and Sampan. In Ding Ding, teams rode the Hong Kong Tramways, colloquially known as the "Ding Ding", looking for three signs (reading "Pit Stop", "Statue", and "Square") which reveal the location of the Pit Stop. In Sampan, teams went to the Jumbo Kingdom's dock and took a pair of budgerigars in a birdcage on a sampan, searching Aberdeen Harbour for a boat with the registration number matching the number on their birdcage. They could then trade the birdcage for the location of the Pit Stop: Statue Square.

Leg 11 (Hong Kong, China → South Korea)[edit]

Teams arrived at the Pit Stop at Wongudan, known as the Temple of Heaven.

Airdate: December 5, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams flew to Seoul, South Korea. Upon arrival, they had to drive toward North Korea to Seungil Bridge. Teams must whitewater rafting down the Hantan River and board a Humvee that would then drive them to Camp Casey in Dongducheon.

Once the teams arrived in Camp Casey, they encountered both Speed Bump and the Roadblock. For the Speed Bump, Nick & Vicki had to clean one of the M109 Self-Propelled Howitzers at Camp Casey. For the Roadblock, asking "Who's ready to be all you can be?” One team member chose a headband and then searched among 200 soldiers practicing taekwondo for the one wearing a matching headband. Once they found the right soldier, the soldier would break open a wooden board that contained their next clue. If they picked the wrong soldier, the soldier would take the headband, and they would have to retrieve another headband and start over.

The clue received directing them by train back to Seoul and find Seoul World Cup Stadium to locate their Detour clue: a choice between Full Throttle or Full Bottle. For either Detour, teams are instructed to travel by subway or foot to the specified location. In Full Throttle, teams traveled to the Mok-dong Ice Rink and put on short track speed skating suits and complete a two-person skating relay of 24 laps of the rink before they were given their next clue. In Full Bottle, teams traveled to Namdaemun Market to put on delivery uniforms and then deliver six large glass jars of ginseng roots to a holistic wellness store without breaking any of the glass jars. They then must both drink a bottle of ginseng tonic before they would receive their next clue. Teams must make their way to Yeouido Hangang Park and find the Airplane Statue to locate their next clue. Teams must now travel to the Pit Stop at Wongudan, also known as "Temple of Heaven".

Leg 12 (South Korea → United States)[edit]

At the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, teams participated in a Roadblock where they had to decorate the theme float (similar to the one pictured) for the 2011 Tournament of Roses Parade.

Airdate: December 12, 2010

At the start of the leg, teams flew to the final destination city: Los Angeles, California. Upon arriving in the city, they must head to Pier J at the Port of Long Beach to receive their next clue. Teams rode an elevator to the top of one of the pier's gantry cranes where they received their clue. They were then dropped down from the crane on a tandem bungee swing over the water. Once they were on the pier they could read the clue which told them they would be riding a helicopter to a surprise destination: the Rose Bowl.

Once teams arrived, they got their clue which was the Roadblock asking "Who's bright enough to float?" One team member had to decorate three sections of the theme float for the Tournament of Roses Parade: gluing chrysanthemums to one section, placing roses in special vials of water and then placing them in a section of the float, and then covering a giant cardboard rose with finely ground straw to cover it with "natural materials" as stated in the rules for decorating the floats. When they completed the float sections correctly, the floral director would tell them that they could receive their next clue from 2009 Rose Queen Courtney Lee.

Teams had to solve a series of riddles in their clue — "I am Sancho Panza's master" (Don Quixote), "I am the place to hear The Symphony in the Glen" (Griffith Park), "Monroe's Year of the Itch" (The Seven Year Itch) — to figure out their next destination: Quixote Studios' Stage 7 located in Griffith Park.

Upon arriving in Quixote Studios, teams were put in front of a large game show-like board that flashed videos of 48 people wearing different kinds of hats, 11 of which were the greeters that welcomed them into the Pit Stop. Teams used a control panel to pick the greeters and then place them in the order that they appeared along the race. Once they had the correct people and order, they could get their final clue from game show host Bob Eubanks, instructing them to the finish line in Beverly Hills: Greystone Mansion.


US Ratings[edit]

# Airdate Episode Rating Share Rating/Share Viewers Rank Rank Rank Rank
Households 18–49 (millions) Timeslot
1 September 26, 2010 "They Don't Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!" 6.3 10 3.7/9 11.54[18] #2 #2 #26
2 October 3, 2010 "A Kiss Saves the Day" 6.2 10 3.4/9 10.67[19] #2 #2 #28 #25
3 October 10, 2010 "In Phil We Trust" 6.9 11 3.8/9 11.99[20] #3 #3 #20 #13
4 October 17, 2010 "We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads" 6.3 10 3.5/9 10.94[21] #2 #2 #21 #21
5 October 24, 2010 "Tastes Like a Million Dollars" 6.7 10 3.4/8 11.42[22] #2 #2 #20 #19
6 October 31, 2010 "Run, Babushka, Run" 5.3 9 2.6/7 9.09[23] #3 #3 (<#25) (<#25)
7 November 7, 2010 "I Want to Be in the Circus, That's Where I Belong" 6.5 10 3.3/8 11.01[24] #20 #23
8 November 14, 2010 "Ali Baba in a Suit" 6.0 9 2.8/7 10.34[25] #2 #2
9 November 21, 2010 "There's a Lot of Nuts and Bullets" 6.2 9 3.0/7 10.59[25] #2 #2 #24
10 November 28, 2010 "I Hate Chinese Food" 6.3 10 3.1/8 11.07[26] #13 #17
11 December 5, 2010 "I'm Surrounded by Ninjas" 6.1 9[27] 3.1/8 10.34[28] #2 #2 #17 #14
12 December 12, 2010 "Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race" 7.0 11 3.7/9 12.12[29] #2 #2 #11 #10

Canadian Ratings[edit]

Canadian broadcaster CTV also airs The Amazing Race on Sundays at 8pm Eastern, Central, & Atlantic (9pm Pacific & Mountain).

# Airdate Episode Viewers
1 September 26, 2010 "They Don't Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!" 2.438 #8[30]
2 October 3, 2010 "A Kiss Saves the Day" 2.623 #3[31]
3 October 10, 2010 "In Phil We Trust" 2.301 #7[32]
4 October 17, 2010 "We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads" 2.989 #1[33]
5 October 24, 2010 "Tastes Like a Million Dollars" 2.723 #2[34]
6 October 31, 2010 "Run, Babushka, Run" 2.360 #6[35]
7 November 7, 2010 "I Want to Be in the Circus, That's Where I Belong" 2.674 #4[36]
8 November 14, 2010 "Ali Baba in a Suit" 2.791 #2[37]
9 November 21, 2010 "There's a Lot of Nuts and Bullets" 2.632 #3[38]
10 November 28, 2010 "I Hate Chinese Food" 2.506 #4[39]
11 December 5, 2010 "I'm Surrounded by Ninjas" 2.681 #1[40]
12 December 12, 2010 "Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race" 2.738 #1[41]


  1. ^ Before Nat & Kat's victory, the first season of The Amazing Race Asia, which premiered in 2006, was won by an all-female team consisting of Malaysian co-workers Joe Jer Tee and Zabrina Fernandez. The Brazilian version known as A Corrida Milionária was also won by an all-female team consisting of friends Patrícia & Sane.


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