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The Amazing Race 5
Season run July 6 – September 21, 2004
Filming dates January 30 – February 27, 2004
No. of episodes 12
Presenter Phil Keoghan
Winning team Chip & Kim McAllister
All-Stars Charla Faddoul & Mirna Hindoyan
Season statistics
Continents visited 6
Countries visited 12
Cities visited 31
No. of legs 13
Distance traveled 72,000 mi (116,000 km)
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 4
Next →
Season 6

The Amazing Race 5 is the fifth installment of the American reality television show The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race 5 featured 11 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world.

This season premiered on July 6, 2004, with weekly showings at 8:00 pm EDT, followed by the Tuesday edition of Big Brother 5. The 2-hour season finale aired on September 21, 2004.

Married parents Chip and Kim McAllister were the winners of the race, and were the first African-American team to win the competition.

A DVD for this season was released on April 24, 2012, via's CreateSpace program.[1]


Development and filming[edit]

The race's starting line was at Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California.

After the anemic ratings for The Amazing Race 4, CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves doubted whether the series would be renewed for another season.[2] After much deliberation, CBS officially ordered a fifth installment of the Race in September 2003. Some observers cited the series' recent Emmy win as the factor behind its renewal.[3] While CBS flirted with the idea of a fall premiere, it ultimately gave Season 5 a summer broadcast to create momentum for The Amazing Race 6 on the fall schedule.[4]

This season introduced two major twists to the Race: the Yield and a non-elimination penalty.[5] The Yield allowed one team to force another team to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time. The Yield was available on each leg, though it was not presented on each episode. The non-elimination penalty meant teams finishing last on non-elimination legs were stripped of any money they had accumulated and received no money at the start of the next leg. This was also the first season to see the number of Fast Forwards reduced; only two were available in the entire Race.[6]

The Amazing Race 5 lasted 31–32 days and traveled 72,000 miles (116,000 km), which was the longest race route yet, covering six continents (that was later matched by The Amazing Race 11) and twelve countries.[7] The teams visited nine countries not previously seen on the show, including Uruguay, Argentina, Russia, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Philippines and Canada. This is the first time the former Soviet Union and the Middle East were visited on the race. Also, for the first time the final leg had an intermediate destination in a foreign country.

During pre-production, the producers moved the Dubai leg of the race from the originally planned location of Istanbul, Turkey. The reason for this decision has not been disclosed. Istanbul was eventually visited by the Race in The Amazing Race 7. While the producers also moved the Philippine legs from the planned Japan legs, but it was eventually visited by the Race in The Amazing Race 9.

The Zorb task in Leg 10 was filmed at a New Zealand farm owned by one of Keoghan's friends; prior to the season, Keoghan had experienced rolling in the Zorb from his friend and insisted it be a task on the show.[8]

Marshall and Lance were the first team in Amazing Race history to quit following Marshall's knee injury during the leg 6 roadblock in Luxor, Egypt. When the team arrived at the final roadblock site after all the other teams had left, the decision was made to give up rather than complete the frustrating 'needle in a haystack' digging task.

Two challenges were edited out of the program since they did not affect team placement. The first was a nut finding Roadblock in the markets of Dubai; the second, a tipi building challenge in Banff, Alberta.[9]


Brandon and Nicole finished the race in third place.

Applications were due on October 8, 2003. Filming began on January 30, 2004 and finished on February 27, 2004.[10]

Following two seasons that featured twelve teams, the contestant pool was reduced to eleven for this season. They included a military man, a dating widowed couple, female twins, a former Big Brother contestant, a team member with dwarfism, and a few beauty pageant queens.

Chip portrayed a young Muhammad Ali in the 1977 film The Greatest (Ali portrayed the adult version of himself).

Erika, Alison, Nicole and Christie competed against one another in various beauty pageants. Christie was a former Miss Teen USA champion, while Nicole was the winner of Miss Texas USA.

Charla & Mirna returned to participate in The Amazing Race All-Stars among a cast of returning teams from seasons 1-10.

Colin & Christie were engaged on CBS's Early Show.[11] They were invited to participate in The Amazing Race All-Stars, but had to decline due to Christie's pregnancy.

Colin & Christie gave one of the trips they won on the race to Dennis & Erika.

Erika became a producer with the show and was on-hand during the Season 12 open casting call in Cabazon, California. Erika is credited with recruiting the show's first and second all-female winning teams, anesthesiologists Nat & Kat, the winners of Season 17, and sisters Kisha & Jen, the winners of Season 18.

Alison of CBS's Big Brother 4 was the first contestant on a previously aired reality show to take part in this race. Alison later appeared on Big Brother: All Stars and was the first person voted out.

In 2005, Chip, Kim, Charla and Mirna all competed on the Bravo reality series Battle of the Network Reality Stars, along with 28 other individuals from various reality series. Mirna was a member of the winning team.

The show also featured Miss Uruguay Natalia Rodriguez Lassiy, who competed in Miss World 2003, as a greeter at the Uruguay pit stop, and Luli Arroyo, the daughter of then-Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the local greeter at the Manila pit stop.


The following teams participated in the Race, each listed along with their placements in each leg and relationships as identified by the program. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcast on television, owing to the inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks performed1
<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <9ƒ> <10> 11 12 13
Chip & Kim Married Parents 8th2 8th 7th 1st 4th 2nd 1st 3rd 2nd 4th 1st> 2nd 1st Chip 10, Kim 1
Colin & Christie Dating 7th 6th 1st 2nd 1stƒ 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st 4th< 3rd 2nd Colin 9, Christie 1
Brandon & Nicole Dating/Models 6th 1st 3rd 5th 3rd 4th 4th 2nd 5th 3rd 3rd 1st 3rd Brandon 10, Nicole 1
Linda & Karen Bowling Moms 3rd 4th 6th 6th 7th 6th 3rd 4th 3rd 2nd 2nd 4th Linda 4, Karen 6
Kami & Karli Twins 9th2 9th 5th 7th 6th 3rd 5th 5th 4th 5th Kami 5, Karli 3
Charla & Mirna Cousins 5th 2nd 2nd 4th 2nd 5th 6th Charla 4, Mirna 2
Marshall & Lance Brothers 2nd 7th 8th 3rd 5th 7th3 Marshall 1, Lance 4
Bob & Joyce Internet Dating Couple 4th 5th 4th 8th Bob 1, Joyce 2
Jim & Marsha Military Dad & Daughter 10th 3rd 9th Jim 1, Marsha 1
Alison & Donny Dating 1st 10th Alison 0, Donny 1
Dennis & Erika Once Engaged 11th Dennis 0, Erika 0
  • A red team placement indicates that the team was eliminated.
  • An underlined blue team placement indicates that the team was the last to arrive at a pit stop in a non-elimination leg of the race. The teams were forced to relinquish all of their money and were not allotted money for the next leg.
  • A green ƒ indicates that the team won a Fast Forward clue. If placed next to a leg number, this indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.
  • A yellow > indicates that the team chose to use the Yield; < indicates the team who received it; <> around the leg number indicates that the Yield for that leg was available but not used.
  1. ^ The Roadblock count does not include the results of the unaired Roadblock from Leg 8.
  2. ^a b Chip & Kim and Kami & Karli initially arrived 1st and 2nd, respectively, but they had missed the clue to the Detour, having simply arrived by chance at one of the two options (and successfully completed it). They had to go back and retrieve the clue before checking in, causing them to fall to 8th and 9th, respectively.
  3. ^ Marshall & Lance, exhausted, injured, working in the dark and already in last place, decided to quit the race during the Roadblock. This marked the first time ever that host Phil Keoghan had to travel to a race location to eliminate a team still on the race course.

Episode title quotes[edit]

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

  1. "Clearly, I'm More Intelligent than You" – Alison
  2. "It Turned Ugly Just Now" – Kami
  3. "I Got Electrocuted" – Charla
  4. "Who Says Pageant Girls Don't Eat?" – Brandon
  5. "Are You Good at Puzzles?" – Brandon
  6. "Why Can't We Get a Camel?" – Marshall
  7. "Are You Sure This is Safe?" – Nicole
  8. "I'm Going to Jail" – Colin
  9. "If You're Going to Whine, Just Shut Up!" – Karen
  10. "If They're Screwing the Helmet to My Head, It Can't Be Good!" – Linda
  11. "It's Okay, Run Them Over!" – Christie
  12. "You've Just Made Me a Millionaire" – Chip


Individual prizes were awarded to the first team to complete a leg.

  • Leg 1 - A vacation to Hawaii provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 6 - A vacation to exotic Mexico provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 7 - A vacation to sunny Latin America provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 8 - A vacation to sunny Caribbean provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 9 - A vacation to exotic Mexico provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 10 - A vacation to Europe provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 11 - A vacation to Hawaii provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 12 - A vacation to sunny Caribbean provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 13 - $1,000,000

Race summary[edit]

Route map
Destinations Legenda lotnisko.svg Air travel   Legenda kolej.svg Rail travel   Legenda prom.svg Water travel   Bus-logo.svg Bus travel
Route Markers Detour icon.svg Detour   Roadblock icon.svg Roadblock   Fast Forward icon.svg Fast Forward   Yield icon.svg Yield   TAR-pitstop-icon.png Pit Stop

Leg 1 (United States → Uruguay)[edit]

Upon arriving in Punta del Este, Uruguay, teams visited The Hand in the Sand to look for their clue.

Airdate: July 6, 2004

The first Detour of the Race was Zips or Chips. In both detours, teams must get into the Conrad Hotel. In Zips, teams had to ascend into a penthouse of the hotel across and travel by zip-line 210 feet (64 m) above the ground, then take a second zip line 18 stories down to the hotel pool to receive their next clue. In Chips, teams had to play roulette in the hotel casino with 20 chips and would receive their clue if they won a game. If they lost all of their chips, they would have to do the Zips task.

Additional tasks
  • At the Gorriti Island, teams had to search for three different tickets hidden on 11 trees for a 30-minute intervals, starting at 8:00 a.m., 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. the next day. Once they claimed the ticket, they may not switch another one.
  • At the José Francisco González Meat Warehouse, teams had to carry a 55-pound slab of meat, 0.5 miles (0.80 km) from the meat warehouse, then deliver it to La Rosada Carniceria and the butcher will pick up their next clue.
  • At the start of the leg, teams had instructed from their clues that there would be two flights available to their first destination city: Montevideo, Uruguay. The first flight would carry four teams, the second flight would also carry seven teams but arrives earlier than the first flight.
  • Teams had a choice to take one of two flights from Los Angeles to Montevideo and then take a bus to Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Leg 2 (Uruguay → Argentina)[edit]

Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, teams visited the grave of Evita Perón in la Recoleta Cemetery.

Airdate: July 13, 2004

In this leg's Detour, teams had a choice between Perro or Tango. In Perro, teams must take on the extremely popular job of dog walking to at least walk eight dogs on a 1 mi (1.6 km) course begin outside the cemetery, while using a provided map to navigate past a series of three checkpoints to their final destination, Floralis Genérica. In Tango, teams had to travel across to Teatro Lola Membrives and filled with similar-looking tango dancers. Teams were given a photo of a tango dancer; their task was to find the dancer who matched their photo, they would receive their next clue. If the teams gave it to the wrong dancer, the dancer would take the photo and they would have to get a new picture and try again.

The first Roadblock of the race was to play a game traditionally played by children in a ranch, ribbon roping. One team member must enter a corral and attempt to remove a bandana from the neck of one of the calves and a gaucho woman would give them their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the start of the leg, teams had find a plastic ball on a dance floor filled with foam and rip the ball open to get the clue inside.
  • Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, teams had to find the correct grave of former Argentine first lady Evita Perón inside Recoleta Cemetery to get their next clue.

Leg 3 (Argentina)[edit]

Upon arriving in San Carlos de Bariloche, teams travelled to the Civic Center, where the mayor would hand them their clue.

Airdate: July 20, 2004

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member to search through 11,000 chocolates (by biting into them) until they located one with a white center. Of these 11,000 chocolates, 20 of them had a white center. When the white center is found, the factory worker would get their next clue.

The Detour of this leg was a choice between Smooth Sailing or Rough Riding. In Smooth Sailing, each team member had to paraglide in tandem with an instructor off the edge of the hill. They would sail 5,000-foot (1,500 m) through the air and back down to the mountain. When they successfully landed, the paraglider would get their next clue. In Rough Riding, each team must ride a mountain bike on a 6 miles (9.7 km) through a rugged trail course down the mountain. When they had completed the course, they would receive their next clue.

Additional task
  • At the start of the leg, teams had to choose a marked car to drive themselves to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery to catch a domestic flight to San Carlos de Bariloche. Upon arrival, they made their way to the Civic Center and had to find the mayor who would hand them their next clue.

Leg 4 (Argentina → Russia)[edit]

Teams ended this leg of the race at Catherine's Palace outside Saint Petersburg.

Airdate: July 27, 2004

The Detour of this leg was a choice between Block 5 Shots or Drink 1 Shot. In Block 5 Shots, teams had to travel to SKA hockey rink, dress up into a professional hockey gear and step to the goal's position to block five slap shots by professional hockey players. If the shots are blocked, a coach would get their next clue. In Drink 1 Shot, teams had to travel to Anichkov Palace where they had to perform a cossack ritual. They would balance a shot glass of vodka on the blade of a saber, and tilt the sword to drink the vodka to their mouth without even dropping the glass. If they've both successfully done the drink, they would receive their next clue.

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to eat 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) of caviar. When the caviar is successfully eaten, a waiter would give them their next clue.

Additional task
  • After completed the Roadblock, teams must ride in a horse-drawn carriage to the Pit Stop at Catherine's Palace.

Leg 5 (Russia → Egypt)[edit]

In Cairo, teams visited the famous Giza pyramid complex, including The Sphinx as the Pit Stop.

Airdate: August 3, 2004

In this Fast Forward, teams had to go to the Pharaonic Village and find a marked sarcophagus. They have to transport it through the village, across a ferry, and to a temple. Once they handed it over to the priest, they would receive the Fast Forward award.

In the leg's Roadblock, one team member had to descend down a series of ladders into the depths of Osiris Shaft 140 feet (43 m) below sea level. Then, they retrieved a satchel containing a full puzzle pieces, which they had to carry back up the ladder to the surface and presented it to an Egyptologist to get the next clue.

The Detour of this leg was a choice between Rock & Roll or Hump & Ride. In Rock & Roll, teams had to use traditional techniques to transport two rocks weighing approximately 600 pounds (270 kg) across an area the size of a football field. Teams had to use round logs underneath a sled like object to move the heavy object. In Hump & Ride, teams had to pick a pair of camels hitched to a cart loaded with carpets from a merchant and drive them through the desert to receive the next clue. The second option (Hump & Ride) was complicated by the fact that it had limited hours of operation and most teams arrived at the Roadblock after it had closed.

Additional task
  • At the Hermitage Museum, teams had to find the painting of The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt. Once they have found the painting, the curator would hand them their next clue.
  • After completing the Roadblock, teams had to use the puzzle pieces in the satchel being collected from the Roadblock to build a puzzle on top of a marked area on a map to figure out their next destination. The puzzle had a missing piece and had to mark on a hole to locate them from the map, the base of the Pyramids.

Leg 6 (Egypt)[edit]

Upon arriving in the ancient city of Luxor, teams visited the Karnak temple complex to find their next clue.

Airdate: August 10, 2004

The Detour of this leg was a choice between Herd It or Haul It. In both detours, teams have travel to a traditional carriage known as kalesh. In Herd It, teams had travel to Banana Island for load ten goats into a sailboat and deliver them to a shepherd on the other side of the Nile River and give the animals to a waiting shepherd for exchange in their next clue. In Haul It, teams travel 3 miles (4.8 km) to a pigeon farm and where they had to fill an urn with water to the marked level. Teams had to use an ancient device to lift water from the river, then transport it by donkey to fill a cistern into a marked line. When it is filled in a correct mark, they will get their next clue.

In the leg's Roadblock, one team member had to choose a large dig site to use archeological tools to dig, in a marked plot of sand, for unearth a scarab, a beetle stone carving which is a part of Egyptian mythology. When the scarab is found hidden on a sand, an archeologist will give them their next clue.

Additional task
  • At the Great Pyramids, teams had to descend 350 feet (110 m) to a narrow shaft into a deep claustrophobic cavern known as Creation Room inside the Pyramid to find their next clue.
Additional note
  • When teams leaving to Luxor, they may take a scheduled commercial flight or a charter flight to be departed at 11:30 a.m.

Leg 7 (Egypt → Kenya → Tanzania)[edit]

Teams ended this leg of the Race was the lookout over Lake Manyara in Tanzania.

Airdate: August 17, 2004

The Detour on this leg was a choice between Buzzing or Busy. In Buzzing, teams had to travel by bicycle to a local honey farm. There, they have to put on beekeeper suits and work together to harvest 2 kilograms (4.4 lb) of honey from traditional African hives in order to receive their next clue. In Busy, teams have to find a specific shop, where they have to load two chairs onto a bicycle-driven cart. When the chairs are delivered to a specific address, the house owner would give teams a receipt. Teams then have to return to the shopkeeper and give him the receipt to get their clue.

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member have to crack an ostrich egg and pour it enough of the egg on a wooden bowl. The restaurant owner would cook to allow them to eat a whole egg when the bowl is completely full. Then, they must cook a portion of it and scramble it equal to two dozen chicken eggs and eat them all to get their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Z. Boskovic Air Charters, teams had to sign up for a charter flight to a mystery destination into three separate times within two teams each. The flights were departing at 8:00 a.m., 8:45 a.m., and 9:30 a.m.
  • After the Roadblock, Teams must do the zip line known as Flying Fox, over the gorge 230 feet (70 m) below to proceed the next pit stop, the lookout at Lake Manyara.
  • Due to the flights out of Luxor to Nairobi, Kenya; teams may take one of two EgyptAir flights to Cairo, both on charter. The first flight was 7:00 am, and the second flight to leave three hours later.

Leg 8 (Tanzania → United Arab Emirates)[edit]

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai was visited for a clue.

Airdate: August 24, 2004

There was a Roadblock that the team member involved to buy through the many stalls for a particular kind of nut on a local market. After purchasing some, and then delivering them to a ship in the nearby harbor, they would receive their next clue. This task, however, was unaired.[12]

The Detour was a choice between Off Plane or Off Road. In Off Plane, teams had to travel to the Al Quwain Aero Club and tandem skydive 10,000 feet (3,000 m) with an instructor to a landing site 40 miles (64 km) in the Margham Dunes. When they had successfully landed in correct zone, they would get their next clue. In Off Road, teams had to travel directly to the Margham Dunes, where they must drive a marked 4x4 over a 6 miles (9.7 km) course to the desert and ending at the skydiving landing site. Teams could get stuck in the sand, forcing them to radio for help, which could take a long time.

Additional tasks
  • During the start of the leg, teams must sign up for one of three designated times on a charter flight to Nairobi departing every 30 minutes.
  • After completing the detour, teams must take a camel and use a GPS navigation system program to guide them to the pit stop.

Leg 9 (United Arab Emirates → India)[edit]

Teams finished the leg in Kolkata at the famous Victoria Memorial.

Airdate: August 31, 2004

The Fast Forward instructed teams to travel 7 miles (11 km) to a Hindu Temple and engage in a Hindu cleansing ritual that involves shaving the head of all hair. Once both team members were completely bald, they would win the Fast Forward award.

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to use a traditional Indian mold to make 20 mud bricks. If they weren't filled in the correct way, they fell apart. Once the factory worker determined that they were all properly formed, they would receive their next clue.

The Detour was a choice between Heavy but Short or Light but Long. In Heavy but Short, teams had to travel over 10 miles (16 km) to Lansdowne Road to transport a taxi a half-mile to a local garage. The taxis have no engines, so teams had to push the taxi in a short distance, where the owner will hand them their next clue. In Light but Long, teams had to travel to Kolkata's largest flower market to find a particular stall and receive a garland, which they must then release into the Ganges for good luck to receive their next clue.

Additional task
  • At the start of the leg, teams must choose a marked vehicle and drive themselves to Wild Wadi. Upon arrival, both team members had to take a ride down to a free waterfall slide known as Jumeirah Sceirah in order to receive their next clue.

Leg 10 (India → New Zealand)[edit]

While in New Zealand, the team member rode in a Zorb down a hill for the Roadblock.

Airdate: September 7, 2004

The Detour of this leg was a choice between Clean or Dirty. In Clean, teams had to drive 13 miles (21 km) to Okere Falls to put on a protective gear and perform an adventure sport called river sledging from Kaituna River. With the help of the two guides, teams must complete 1 mile (1.6 km) course with only a small board, called a sledge for protection. At the end of the course, the instructor would get their next clue. In Dirty, teams had to travel 10 miles (16 km) to Hell's Gate into a bubbling hot mud pit, while had to search the marked area for their next clue, located somewhere in the mud.

In the leg's Roadblock, one team member had to inflate a Zorb and ride it down a hillside. At the bottom of the hill, the rider had to walk the Zorb a short distance to cross a finish line, then get out and join his or her teammate and run to the Pit Stop.

Leg 11 (New Zealand → Philippines)[edit]

While in the Philippines, teams took part in one Detour option involving a ox-drawn plow.

Airdate: September 14, 2004

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had travel by boat to Auckland Harbour Bridge and climb a 75-foot (23 m) ladder to the girders beneath the roadway. From there, he or she had to walk along the girders until they reached the clue on the other side. They were then lowered to a waiting boat below.

The Detour was a choice between Plow or Fowl. In Plow, teams had to choose a marked field and use an ox-drawn plow to till the soil, until the plow caught on a buried rope attached to a hidden clue. In Fowl, teams had to work together and herd 1,000 ducks from one pen to another 50 yards (46 m) away. The Plow Detour later appeared on Season 25 as a Switchback.

Additional tasks
  • At Westhaven Marina, teams must find a yacht named Hydroflow and use the marked handles to lower it down to bring their next clue.
  • At Malagueña Motors, teams must decorate a jeepney with attaching items to provide completely. Once it decorated properly, teams will get their next clue.

Leg 12 (Philippines)[edit]

The resort town of El Nido was the main site of this leg.

Airdate: September 21, 2004

In the one aired choice for the Detour, teams had to put on snorkel gear and search underwater for one of four giant clams containing their next clue. Although the planned Detour was changed into an additional task. In this leg's Roadblock, one team member to climb a 150-foot (46 m) Lagen Wall using an ascender. Upon completing the ascent, he/she would get the next clue and rappel down back to his/her partner.

Additional tasks
  • At the Rizal Park, teams had to find the famed national hero José Rizal to locate the monument to search for their next clue.
  • At A. Soriano Aviation, teams must sign up for of two charter flights to El Nido into two times forty-five minutes apart at 10.45 a.m. or 11.30 a.m.
  • Upon arrival in El Nido, teams must take a marked jeepney to the El Nido Pier and take a marked boat to a buoy to find their next clue.
  • Upon arriving at the islands located near El Nido, teams used binoculars and searched the shore of three islands for an island with the Philippine flag (the others were Czech Republic flag and Equatorial Guinea flag in the other nearby islands) and they cannot ask a guide for help. If teams chose an incorrect island, they had to try again. When the correct flag was found, they got their next clue.
  • After completing the Roadblock, teams had to paddle themselves in a kayak to the pit stop on Lagen Island.

Leg 13 (Philippines → Canada → United States)[edit]

Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was the location of the final Detour of this leg.

Airdate: September 21, 2004

There was a final Roadblock of this race, one team member had to build a First Nations teepee outside the Banff Springs Hotel with an example of an exact given model.[9]

The final Detour of the Race was a choice between Slide or Ride. In Slide, teams had to travel to the top of the Olympic luge course, where they would hop into a two-man luge. They had to ride down the course at a wild 40 mph, and had to complete the course in 34 seconds or less. If successful, they would receive their next clue. If they failed, they had to keep trying until they hit the target time. In Ride, teams had to use mountain bikes to complete the Olympic slalom ski course in three minutes or less. However, they would have to traverse down the hill on a mountain bike, riding through the snow. If they could accomplish this, they would receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the start of the leg, teams had to take charter flight from El Nido to Manila that will depart at 6:30 a.m.
  • At the Shopping Center in Banff, teams were given the choice of winter clothing (between a jacket and a pair of gloves). Whatever they chose, they were not allowed to wear the other one for the remainder of their duration in Canada. However, it was unaired.
  • At the Lookout Mountain, teams had to hike up a 1,000 feet (300 m) snow slope to Continental Divide. At the top, they would find their next clue.
  • At the Fort Worth Stockyards, teams had to go into the giant maze to find 4 wooden boxes with their names on it, each containing a picture of a place previously visited on the Race (for example, the Canada Olympic Park), using the four keys provided on their respective boards. Then they must take the picture, find their way out of the maze and place it on the board. They must repeat the process for the other two locations with pictures, one at a time, in numerical order. The fourth and last given key from the board will open a wooden box which contains another key that will unlock the glass box on the board, which contains their final clue. The broadcast only showed teams looking for one photograph of the Canada Olympic Park and then finding the box with the key.


US ratings[edit]

Order Episode Rating Share Rating/Share
1 "Clearly, I'm More Intelligent than You" 6.4 11 4.3/12[13] 10.30
2 "It Turned Ugly Just Now" 6.4 11 N/A 10.50
3 "I Got Electrocuted" 6.9 12 4.6/13 11.11
12 "You've Just Made Me a Millionaire" 8.2 13 5.6/14 12.85


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