The Amazonia Conference

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The Amazonia Conference
Motto Education for Preservation
Established February 1990
Location International

The Amazonia Conference is a global warming activist organization with a particular focus on education of the public.

The Conference was established in April 1990, when governments of the world were discussing the dangers of global warming at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The Conference is an educational organisation with the aim of educating people about the realities of the endangered environment and the inevitable catastrophic consequences if no proactive and preventive steps are taken.

The project has reached many institutions and organisations all over the world, spreading the message Education for Preservation. The organisation has given birth to other initiatives, such as The Amazonia Society, the Amazonia Seminar, the Amazonia Experience, and the Amazonia Files.

The Amazonia Conference is an educational organisation which, unlike other environmental organisations, focuses in education instead of radical campaigning. This does not mean that the organisation does not campaign. The organisation believes that it is effectively easier to 'form the minds of the young instead of attempting to amend adult ones.' Therefore, by educating the young, next generations will be equipped with environmentally aware citizens. The project also has a special division which visits companies and other organisations to educate their employees or members, on the current environmental issues which our planet is suffering due to human activities.

The Amazonia Conference is considered to be the biggest educational project in Portugal (Diario de Noticias, 2000), and has recently received the British Airways Best Environmental Project Award 2004.


The Amazonia Conference was established in 1990 by Professor Valdir Bento, physicist and former head of NASA's Laser technology department. The project has developed into the leading educational project in Portugal, and is expanding to become one of the predominant environmental organisations in the United Kingdom. The 'Conference' has also conquered the United States and France and current plans reflect the need to explore the Asia-Pacific.