American Boy (magazine)

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For the single by Estelle, see American Boy.
American Boy
American Boy (magazine).jpg
Categories Boy's magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue November 1827 (1827-11)
Final issue August 1941
Company Sprague Publishing Co.
Country United States
Based in Detroit, Michigan
Language English

American Boy was a monthly magazine published by The Sprague Publishing Co. of Detroit, Michigan from November 1899 to August 1941.[1] At the time it was the largest magazine for boys, with a circulation of 300,000,[2] and it featured action stories and advertising for the young boy.

In 1911 a copy cost $0.10, and a years subscription was $1.00. Format was 16” high by 12” wide. Founded by William C. Sprague of the Detroit-based Sprague Publishing Company in 1900, Griffith Ogden Ellis took over as President and editor in 1908.[3] J. Cotner Jr. was Secretary and Treasurer; H.D. Montgomerie was Managing Editor and Clarence Budington Kelland was Assistant Editor. In 1929, Ellis merged the magazine with its rival, Youth's Companion,[2] and in 1939 he sold his interest to his business manager, Elmer Presley Grierson.[4] Franklin M. Reck was managing editor from 1936 to 1941.[5]


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