The American Revolution (miniseries)

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The American Revolution
Also known as the revolution
Genre Documentary
Directed by Peter Schnall
Narrated by Edward Herrmann
Composer(s) Gary Pozner
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Peter Schnall
Justine Simonson
Stephen Stept
Producer(s) Gregory Henry
Cinematography Peter Schnall
David Shadrack Smith
Editor(s) Isold Uggadotttir
Running time 60 min
Original network The History Channel
Original release 2006
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The American Revolution (also known as The Revolution) is a 2006 miniseries from The History Channel composed of thirteen episodes which track the American Revolution from the Boston Massacre through the Treaty of Paris, which declared America's independence from Great Britain. The series is narrated by Edward Herrmann.


"Boston, Bloody Boston." 
The controversies and conflicts leading to war, including the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
"Rebellion to Revolution." 
The Revolutionaries lay siege to Boston; the formation of the Continental Army and the conscription of slaves by both sides.
"Declaring Independence." 
Dark and devastating struggles challenge the dreams for independence in 1776.
"American Crisis." 
General George Washington gambles on a brilliant yet dangerously daring stroke to save his army and America.
"Path to World War." 
Benjamin Franklin tries to convince the French to join the fight against Britain; Philadelphia falls to the British; the Americans win a stunning victory at Saratoga and gain a new ally.
"Forging an Army." 
Washington struggles to sustain and rebuild his Army at Valley Forge.
"Treason & Betrayal." 
General Benedict Arnold betrays the revolution.
"The War Heads South." 
The British lay siege to Charleston.
"Hornet's Nest." 
War erupts in the Southern Colonies.
"The End Game." 
The struggle for independence reaches its climax as both sides are tired of the war.
"Becoming a Nation." 
King George III is forced by the parliament to sue for peace and Washington disbands the Continental Army
"Road to the Presidency." 
The War is over, but Washington is enlisted for another duty.
"A President and His Revolution." 
While Washington is on his way to be inaugurated as the first US president, he looks back at some defining moments in the revolution.


Edward Herrmann, as the Narrator

Mark Collins, as George Washington
Jason Audette, as Thomas Jefferson
John H. Bert, as Alexander Hamilton
Glenn C. Reimer, as John Adams
James Karcher, as Gen. Benedict Arnold
Chris O'Brocto as Gen. Horatio Gates
Jonah Triebwasser, as Gen. Thomas Gage

DVD release[edit]

The History Channel and A&E Home Video released a four disc DVD set on December 19, 2006, following its series debut on the History Channel.

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Earlier Series[edit]

Another documentary series with the same name was produced by (and aired on) A&E in 1994. This earlier series consisted of six episodes and was hosted and narrated by Bill Kurtis. Voice-overs included William Daniels as John Adams, Charles Durning as Benjamin Franklin, Kelsey Grammer as Benedict Arnold, Cliff Robertson as George Washington and David Warner as King George III.

The six 50-minute episodes were:

1 "The Conflict Ignites"
2 "1776"
3 "Washington and Arnold"
4 "The World at War"
5 "England's Last Chance"
6 "The Birth of the Republic"