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The Amplifetes
A composite of a man's face in four pieces: one pink quarter with an eye patch, one green quarter with a man's eye and pulled-back hair, one yellow quarter with a beard, and one purple quarter with a beard. Below in black type: The Amplifetes.
Sleeve design for album Whizz Kid
Background information
GenresElectronic, synthpop, electro house, alternative dance, garage house
Years active2008–present
MembersHenrik Jonback
Henrik Korpi
Tommy Spaanheden
Peter Ågren

The Amplifetes is a 4-piece band from Sweden. Influences range along a broad spectrum, including 60s psychedelia, the Electric Light Orchestra, The Ramones, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, and Chicago Trax Records. The individual members have had success as songwriters and producers, working with artists such as Kelis, Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Grandmaster Flash.

The band has been active since 2008. In 2010, they released their eponymous debut album. Four singles were taken from this album: It's My Life, Whizz Kid, Somebody New, and Blinded By The Moonlight. Following this, the band toured extensively over Europe for two years.[1]

Early summer 2012 saw the first sign of post-debut activity, as their new song Where Is The Light was launched, together with an accompanying internet video game. The full follow-up album Where Is The Light was released in early 2013,[2] with cover artwork supplied by Storm Thorgersen and the additional singlesYou/Me/Evolution and You Want It.[2]

The Amplifetes and their music have appeared in Vogue Italia,[3] Gaffa magazine,[4] Virgin Radio live,[5] Empreintes-digitales,[6] It´s Pop,[7]Kulturnews,[8] Zeromagazine,[9] and Fred Perry Subculture.[10]

The Amplifetes music have been used in various soundtrack areas. The appearance of It´s My Life in an advertisement for the Roberto Cavalli credit card starring Milla Jovovich[11] and "Somebody New" in a Garnier Fructis promotion and the TV-series 90210 are some examples.[12]


Year Album Album details
2010 The Amplifetes
2013 Where Is the Light
  • Released in Scandinavia/France, February 11 (released world wide August 2013)
Year Single Album
2008 It's my life

The Amplifetes

2009 Whizz Kid
2010 Somebody new
2011 Blinded by the moonlight
2012 Where is the light

Where is the Light

2012 You/Me/Evolution
2013 You Want It


The Amplifetes remixed:

  • You/Me/Evolution - Michael Cassette Remix
  • Where Is The Light - Samuel Onervas Remix
  • Where Is The Light - MTheM Remix
  • It's my life - Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid Remix
  • It's my life - General MIDI Remix
  • It's my life - Dan F Remix
  • Whizz Kid - Blende Remix
  • Whizz Kid - The Subliminal Kid Remix
  • Somebody new - Claes Rosén Remix
  • Somebody new - POLP Remix
  • Somebody new - Chopstick Dub Remix
  • Somebody new - Adrian Bood Remix
  • Blinded by the moonlight - Little Majorette Remix
  • Blinded by the moonlight - FUKKK OFFF Remix

Remixed by The Amplifetes:

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