The Anarchist's Wife

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The Anarchist's Wife
Directed by Marie Noelle
Peter Sehr[1]
Produced by Marie Noelle
Norbert Llaras
Phillippe Planells
Peter Sehr
Jordi Rediu
Written by Marie Noelle
Ray Loriga
Starring Juan Diego Botto
María Valverde
Ivana Baquero
Music by Zacarías M. de la Riva
Release date
Language Spanish, French

The Anarchist's Wife (Spanish: La mujer del anarquista) is a 2008 Spanish-Franco-German film directed by Maria Noelle and Peter Sehr.[1]

The plot derives from the experience of a child's grandparents. Paloma's grandfather, an anarchist, fought in Madrid against Francisco Franco's Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War. He was deported to a concentration camp, then fought for the French Resistance. His wife, with two young children, never gave up hope of seeing him again.

The film premiered at the Valladolid Film Festival on October 25, 2008.[1] The film was released in Spain under the name La Mujer Del Anarquista and in Germany as Die Frau des Anarchisten.

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