The Anderson Tapes (novel)

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The Anderson Tapes
First edition
Author Lawrence Sanders
Country United States
Genre Crime Fiction
Publisher Putnam
Publication date
Awards 1971 Edgar Award
ISBN 978-0891908548

The Anderson Tapes is the debut crime fiction novel by Lawrence Sanders, published in 1970. The story revolves around the complicated burglary of an entire upscale New York apartment building by a gang of ex-convicts, who are unaware that the entire operation is under wiretap and camera surveillance by various agencies. The story also introduces the character of NYPD police detective Edward X. Delaney who became Sander's enduring protagonist in his Deadly Sin series of novels.[1] The book earned Sanders the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for best first mystery novel.[2] The same year, it was adapted into a film, directed by Sidney Lumet, with Sean Connery in the title role.


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