The Annulus

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The Annulus
Publication information
Publisher Azteca Productions
First appearance El Gato Negro #3
(Sept. 1994)
Created by Richard Dominguez
In-story information
Type of organization Organized crime
Base(s) South America
Leader(s) Lord Güero
Agent(s) Boss Ochoa

The Annulus (sometimes rendered ANNULUS) is a fictional criminal organization featured in the Azteca Productions' Universe created by Richard Dominguez.[1][2] The Annulus is a South American-based secret cabal of businessmen, each a notorious drug lord from a different part[citation needed] of the world. Its purpose is to dominate the drug trade.

The Organization[edit]

The Annulus consists of several prominent businessmen and drug lords from across the globe, led by their group-appointed leader known as Lord Güero. The organization deals in drug and illegal arms trafficking. Each year the members make summit at a plantation-style mansion somewhere in the harshest jungles of the Amazon. To achieve their goals of domination, the Annulus enlists the aid of ruthless mercenaries and the supernatural. The Annulus first crossed paths with El Gato Negro when the hero stumbled across a large drug-trafficking deal in South Texas. Since then, the Annulus has made several failed attempts on the Nocturnal Warrior's life.


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