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The Antics are an improvisational comedy troupe formed in 2008, primarily of students and alumni of Sheffield Hallam University. The group hold a residency at Sheffield Hallam Student Union, performing monthly shows as part of the union comedy line-up. They are also popular at venues across Sheffield including the Lantern Theatre,[1] The Lescar, Henry's and the Sheffield Student Comedy Festival.[2]

They made their Edinburgh Festival Fringe[3] debut in 2010, and returned in 2011 for a second run entitled "Premature Ejokeulation", receiving a 3/5 rating from popular festival reviewer ThreeWeeks.[4]

'Premature Ejokeulation' was also notable for being named #1 in Esquire's list of "How not to name your fringe act" shows,[5] also placing #1 in the Edinburgh Festival Guide's Top 10 Punning Show Titles.[6]

In 2013 they performed their third show at the Fringe, entitled "A Pile Of Wit".

They are known for their audience interaction, assortment of comedic styles and unpredictability.


As of March 2017, there have been 17 performers with The Antics.

Name Debut Current Performer
Elliott Green 2016 Yes
Fiona Forde 2015 Yes
Robert Burgess 2013 No
Ashley Miller 2013 Yes
Kyle Williams 2012 No
Brad Macca April 7, 2011 Yes
Max Brown April 7, 2011 No
Colin Cowx October 28, 2010 No
Charlie Nevill February 26, 2010 No
Darell Robson November 29, 2009 Yes
Tom Fieldhouse November 1, 2009 No
Jonathan Syer March 14, 2009 Yes
Gav Richards January 29, 2009 Yes
Dan Pearson January 29, 2009 No
Ash McDowell January 29, 2009 No
Chris Waters January 29, 2009 No
Daniel Fenton Januayry 29, 2009 No


Sheffield publication Exposed Magazine reviewed The Antics positively, saying "Antics always have something to say, no matter how surreal, absurd or inappropriate it might end up sounding, and that’s the fun. The fact that truly anything could happen next is enough to keep you engaged and ensures you’re never bored".[7]

Audiences who attended their Edinburgh shows in 2010 rated them 4.7 out of 5, via the website Love Fringe[8] stating that they were "hilarious, quick on their feet and the show was fast-paced".

The 2011 Edinburgh show also received high ratings, including 3* on ThreeWeeks "Much better than the title suggested", 5* on LoveFringe[9] and 3.0 on Broadway Baby.[10]

The 2013 Edinburgh was met with mixed reviews, including a 3* rating from Broadway Baby.[11]


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