The Antics Roadshow

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Title screenshot from the documentary.

The Antics Roadshow is an hour-long 2011 documentary film focused on "famous pranks and acts of activism which have become iconic".


The Antics Roadshow was produced and directed by the British street artist Banksy and the director/producer Jaimie D'Cruz and was narrated by Kathy Burke.[1]

The name parodies the BBC Television series, Antiques Roadshow.[2]

Featured artists and activists[edit]

Artist or activist Known for
Igor Vamos
Jacques Servin
Their work as The Yes Men, a culture jamming activist duo.
Mark Roberts Streaking at major events, especially sporting events.
Michael Fagan Breaking into Buckingham Palace; known as the Michael Fagan incident.
Noël Godin Pieing celebrities and politicians.
Princess Hijab Painting hijabs on models in fashion industry advertisements.
Rémi Gaillard Various well-publicised pranks.
Charlie Todd Founder of Improv Everywhere.


Country Year Channel
United Kingdom 2011 Channel 4[3]
Australia 2013 SBS Two


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