The Antigonish Review

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The Antigonish Review
Editor Gerald Trites
Frequency Quarterly
Year founded  1970 (1970-month)
Company St. Francis Xavier University
Country Canada
Based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Language English
ISSN 0003-5661

The Antigonish Review is a quarterly literary magazine publishing new and established contemporary literary fiction, reviews, non-fiction articles/essays, translations, and poetry. Since 2005, the magazine runs an annual competition, the Sheldon Currie Short Fiction Contest.[1] The winner of the inaugural Sheldon Currie Prize was Nicholas Ruddock.[2] Since 2000, the magazine has also run a poetry competition, the Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest.

The Antigonish Review was established in 1970[3][4] with long-term editor-in-chief R. J. MacSween,[5][6] who was succeeded by George Sanderson.[7][8] The current editor is Gerald Trites.

Under MacSween's and Sanderson's editorship there was staunch support of communications theorist Marshall McLuhan from his early days. [9]

The Antigonish Review is credited with nurturing writing talent in Eastern Canada.[10] Besides fiction, poetry, and interviews, it publishes translations, book reviews, and review essays.


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