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The Apartment - Design Your Destiny (Season 3)
The Apartment Logo.jpg
The Apartment - Design Your Destiny
Country of originAsia
No. of episodes10
Original networkSTAR World
Original releaseSeptember 29 –
December 1, 2013
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Season chronology
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Season 2
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Season 4

The Apartment - Design Your Destiny is the third season of The Apartment, a reality television show which is the longest running reality competition television show in Asia.[1] The concept is that nine teams compete in an interior designing show hosted by Jamie Durie, and judged by both him and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.[2] Designed as a pressure stress test, teams will design and decorate a room each week. At the end of the challenge, the winner will walk away with a brand new double-storey home at Elmina, Malaysia. This reality television show is created by Riaz Mehta and produced by Imagine Group.

Deankie and Tiara from the Philippines were declared the winners in this season.


Contestants Relationship About them
Azaria and Adriana Friends Azaria (late 20s) is a Malaysian voice over talent

Adriana (27) is a Malaysian lecturer.

Priyanka and Vineet Married Priyanka (28) is pursuing her dreams of being an actress from Singapore.

Vineet (32) is a marketing manager from Singapore.

April and Jen Friends April (late 20s) is a media director from Great Britain.

Jen (23) is an events manager from Malaysia.

Sarah and Brian Siblings Sarah (24) is a Malaysian internal consultant.

Brian (27) is a Malaysian chef.

Ines and Jennifer Friends Ines Putri (23) is a Indonesian golf athlete and Miss Indonesia 2012, Top 15 Miss World 2012

Jennifer Sumia (24) is a Indonesian fresh graduate and the 2nd Runner-up in Miss Indonesia 2012.

Adam and Adrian Friends Adam (mid 20s) is a model from America.

Adrian (mid 20s) is born in Malaysia.

Pearlyn and Nara Friends Pearlyn Koh (25) is a DJ from Singapore.

Nara (34) is an emcee from Thailand.

Yvette and Sonya Friends Yvette (late 20s) is a fashion reporter/blogger from Singapore.

Sonya (22) is a model/actress from Singapore.

Deankie and Tiara Friends Deankie (23) and Tiara (23) have been friends since they were Art students. Both are Filipinos.


Episode No. Original Air Date Title of Episode Guest Judge Winner Eliminated
1September 29, 2013 (2013-09-29)"Back, Bigger and Better than Ever"Andrea SavageYvette and SonyaAzaria and Adriana

The first challenge, with the theme "Romance", involved the decoration of the master bedroom. Teams were given 15 hours to complete the challenge. Impressing the judges with their polished and sleek design style, Yvette and Sonya won this challenge.

Bottom Two: Azaria and Adriana, Pearlyn and Nara
2October 6, 2013 (2013-10-06)"Design Boot Camp"Raven TaoInes and JenniferPriyanka and Vineet

The second challenge involved the designing of the bathroom. Several themes from various eras ranging from "the roaring 20s", and "the Hollywood 50s" to "the groovy 60s" were given, from which teams had to choose one. Teams were given 12 hours to complete the challenge. Injecting their unique personalities into their design, beauty queens Ines and Jennifer won this challenge.

Bottom Two: Priyanka and Vineet, April and Jen
3October 13, 2013 (2013-10-13)"Lights, camera, action"Eddy Tan
Sun Young Moon
Yvette and Sonya,
Pearlyn and Nara
April and Jen

The third challenge involved the creation of an entertainment room that was "worthy of accommodating their favourite superstar". The design had to incorporate one of these few characteristics given: boldness, sophistication, chic, trend setting, attitude and versatility. Teams were given 15 hours to complete the challenge. This challenge came with a twist, when pairs Yvette and Sonya had split their prizes with fellow competitors, Nara and Pearlyn.

Bottom Two: Sarah and Brian, April and Jen
4October 20, 2013 (2013-10-20)"The Only Leonardo I Know Is A Ninja Turtle"Andrea SavageDeankie and TiaraAdam and Adrian (saved)

The fourth challenge involved embodying the style of an iconic artist, drawing inspiration from their work, and designing the living room. For this challenge, teams must work with their neighbours, and decide on the work allocation. Teams were given 15 hours to complete the challenge. This challenge ended with a pleasant surprise, when it was announced that there would be no elimination this week. Adam and Adrian should have been sent but they were saved by Jamie.

Bottom Two: Ines and Jennifer, Adam and Adrian
5October 27, 2013 (2013-10-27)"I Hate The Outdoors and The Outdoors Hates Me"Iva and PhillippeAdam and AdrianSarah and Brian

The fifth challenge was for teams to work on the garden. Teams had to consider including elements of privacy, relaxation and enjoyment when designing the garden. Also, their gardens' designs had to allow for growing of fruits and vegetables. Teams were given 17 hours to complete the challenge. Given their close shave last week, Adam and Adrian sprung back and won the challenge, where they enjoyed dinner and drinks with Ines and Jennifer (of whom they selected), as well as having additional funds for the next challenge - $2,000 taken from Deankie and Tiara's budget.

Bottom Two: Pearlyn and Nara, Sarah and Brian
6November 3, 2013 (2013-11-03)"Borderline Evil Genius"Jeremy RoweDeankie and TiaraInes and Jennifer

The sixth challenge involved teams creating a family room, where children appeared as "clients" to give teams a design brief and join them for shopping. The children also helped the judges during deliberation. The family room must creatively cater for 3 generations, and exemplify the whole idea of a family. Teams were given 15 hours to complete the challenge. Despite having a budget smaller than the others, Deankie and Tiara stood up to the challenge and emerged victorious in this challenge.

Bottom Two: Ines and Jennifer, Adam and Adrian
7November 10, 2013 (2013-11-10)"One Man's Trash is Another Person's Treasure"Alice NguyenDeankie and Tiara,
Pearlyn and Nara
Adam and Adrian (saved)

The seventh challenge involved teams creating a guest bedroom "fit for a queen", under a budget of $2,000. At the start of the show, teams were given a cryptic clue, to which the answer was April and Jen's room. Pairs Yvette and Sonya, Pearlyn and Nara found the "treasure" - Laurence's personal collection. Teams were given 15 hours to complete the challenge. Both Deankie and Tiara emerged as winners of this challenge,winning their third challenge in the show,with Pearlyn and Nara sharing the winning title with them, with no pairs walking away from the show.

Bottom Two: Yvette and Sonya, Adam and Adrian
8November 18, 2013 (2013-11-18)"Go Out with a Big Bang"Andrea SavageYvette and Sonya, Deankie and TiaraAdam and Adrian, Pearlyn and Nara

This week's challenge is the most intimidating challenge to date, as not only did the teams have to showcase their personality through their designs of the kitchen and dining areas, they had to complement their designs with personal items that are delivered from home. With all the teams stepping up to the game and delivering possibly their best designs to date, the judges truly had the most difficult decision on their hands thus far. Destiny waits as the finalists will be revealed next week.

Bottom Two: Adam and Adrian, Pearlyn and Nara
9November 24, 2013 (2013-11-24)"An Emotional Roller Coaster"---
This week, The Apartment takes a trip down memory lane and looks back at the stand out moments thus far this season. Outrageous, hilarious never before seen footage of the vibrant contestants and the pristine judges will also be featured.
10December 1, 2013 (2013-12-01)"What We'd Do for an Apartment"Andrea SavageDeankie and TiaraYvette and Sonya
This stage is set as the last two teams standing battle it out for their dream home. Yvette & Sonya and Deankie & Tiara take on a mammoth final challenge of completing an entire apartment from scratch in just 72 hours! Not only do they have to please the judges, they also have to impress VIP guests in an open house party. The stakes are at their highest.


Elimination Chart
Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10
SingaporeThailandPearlyn & Nara BTM 2 SAFE WIN SAFE BTM 2 SAFE WIN ELIM
United StatesMalaysiaAdam & Adrian SAFE SAFE SAFE ELIM WIN BTM 2 ELIM ELIM
IndonesiaInes & Jennifer SAFE WIN SAFE BTM 2 SAFE ELIM
MalaysiaBrian & Sarah SAFE SAFE BTM 2 SAFE ELIM
United KingdomMalaysiaApril & Jen SAFE BTM 2 ELIM
SingaporeVineet & Priyanka SAFE ELIM
MalaysiaAdriana & Azaria ELIM
     Green background and WINNER means the contestant won The Apartment - Design Your Destiny.
     Silver background and RUNNER-UP means the contestant was the runner-up on The Apartment - Design Your Destiny.
     Blue background and WIN means the contestant won that challenge.
     Orange background and BTM 2 mean the contestant worst challenge but safe.
     Lightpink background and ELIM means the contestant lost and was originally eliminated but was saved.
     Red background and ELIM means the contestant lost and was eliminated of the competition.

In episode 8, "Adam & Adrian" were eliminated first and "Pearlyn & Nara" were eliminated second.


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