The Aphrodite Inheritance

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The Aphrodite Inheritance
Genre Drama
Created by Michael J. Bird
Directed by Terence Williams and Viktors Ritelis
Starring Peter McEnery
Alexandra Bastedo
Stefan Gryff
Paul Maxwell
Brian Blessed
Theme music composer George Kotsonis
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 8
Producer(s) Andrew Osborn
Production location(s) Cyprus
Original network BBC1
Original release 3 January – 21 February 1979
Preceded by Who Pays the Ferryman?
Followed by The Dark Side of the Sun

The Aphrodite Inheritance is a television production made by the BBC in 1978 and which aired in 1979.

The eight-part serial, written by Michael J. Bird, was a follow-up to the success of his previous two Mediterranean-set series The Lotus Eaters and Who Pays the Ferryman?. Whereas the two previous productions had been set and filmed in Crete, the action (and location filming) in The Aphrodite Inheritance took place in Cyprus.

The series starred Peter McEnery as a man visiting Cyprus to investigate the death of his brother and subsequently being drawn into a strange conspiracy, with the narrative twists of the serial employing various supernatural and mythological motifs. Other major cast members included Alexandra Bastedo, Brian Blessed, Paul Maxwell and Stefan Gryff.


Main Cast[edit]


  • Series Created & Written by: Michael J. Bird
  • Produced by: Andrew Osborn
  • Directed by: Terence Williams (eps. 1-4) & Viktors Ritelis (eps. 5-8)
  • Designed by: Jon Pusey
  • Theme music composed by: George Kotsonis


Episode no. Title First transmission (UK) Cast notes
1 "A Death in the Family" 3 January 1979 Barry Halliday (Barry Collier)
Andreas Moustras (Doctor)
Tom Watson (Wyndham)
Theodoulos Moreas (Priest)
2 "A Lamb to Slaughter" 10 January 1979 Nicos Shiafkalis (Nicos)
3 "Here We Come Gathering" 17 January 1979 Nicholas Kaminous (Detective Sergeant)
John Iaonnou (Policeman)
4 "A Friend in Need" 24 January 1979 Carmen Gomez (Maria)
Costas Demetriou (Antonis)
Nicholas Kaminous (Detective Sergeant)
John Iaonnou (Policeman)
5 "Come Into My Parlour" 31 January 1979 Carmen Gomez (Maria)
Costas Demetriou (Antonis)
Barry Halliday (Barry Collier)
Charlambos Xoufarides (Policeman)
6 "Said the Spider to the Fly" 7 February 1979 Carmen Gomez (Maria)
Tom Watson (Wyndham)
Nikias Nicolaides (Police Sergeant)
7 "The Eyes of Love" 14 February 1979 Georgios Zenios (Professor Stylianou)
8 "To Touch a Rainbow" 21 February 1979 Carmen Gomez (Maria)
Georgios Zenios (Professor Stylianou)

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