The Apocalypse Watch

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The Apocalypse Watch
Ludlum - The Apocalypse Watch Coverart.png
The Apocalypse Watch first edition cover.
Author Robert Ludlum
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Thriller novel
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date
April 10, 1995
Media type Print (hardback & paperback) & Audiobook
Pages 480 pp (first edition)
ISBN 0-00-223972-8
OCLC 60115623

The Apocalypse Watch (1995) is a novel by Robert Ludlum. A TV movie based on it aired in 1997 which starred Patrick Bergin and Virginia Madsen.[1][2][3][4] This was Ludlum's second novel to focus on a neo-Nazi conspiracy to take over the world, after The Holcroft Covenant (1978).

Plot summary[edit]

The plot concerns Drew Latham, a special officer for consular operations, who must discover why his brother was killed after a covert mission. He impersonates his brother and uncovers a web of neo-Nazi supporters with members at high levels of the U.S. government and its allies. Latham must stop the neo-Nazis' plot to take over Europe through terrorism and biological warfare.

A running joke concerns the inability of the French to pronounce "Latham" correctly.

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