The Apple Farm (San Luis Obispo, California)

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Apple Farm Inn
Hotel chain Boutique Hotel Collection [1][2]
General information
Location San Luis Obispo, California, United States
Address 2015 Monterey Street [3]
Technical details
Floor count 3 (Inn),
1-2 (Trellis Court)
Other information
Number of rooms 104
Number of restaurants Apple Farm Restaurant
The Apple Farm[2]

The Apple Farm is a combination lodging accommodation and American restaurant in San Luis Obispo, California, located at 2015 Monterey[4] Street.[3][2] It is a member of California's Boutique Hotel Collection.[1]

The lodgings at the Apple Farm are split into The "Inn", which has large rooms and suites and indoor corridors, and which holds a Four-Diamond Award from the American Automobile Association (AAA);[2] and the "Trellis Court", which has smaller rooms, exterior corridors, and a Two-Diamond AAA rating. The Trellis Court was an adjacent motel that was acquired in 1988 and renovation was finalized in 1989.

The grounds of the Inn consist of a restaurant, gift shop, and millhouse.[2][4]

The Apple Farm has acquired the first motel in the world, The Motel Inn (originally "Milestone Mo-tel"), which is adjacent to the Inn's grounds near an onramp to northbound U.S. 101. The Motel Inn is used for administrative purposes and the Apple Farm establishment is in the process of restoring the property.[5]

Lodgings and decor[edit]

An apple-themed checkerboard in the lobby of the Apple Farm Inn.

The Inn follows a Victorian style, and most rooms have different decor.[2][6] The main lobby features a wooden checkerboard, with small wooden red and yellow apples serving as the checkers. Many decorative objects and knickknacks displayed in the inn's hallways are on sale and can be purchased by guests.

Restaurant and food[edit]

The Apple Farm Restaurant, across the parking lot from the Inn building,[4] follows a traditional American style, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner and holding a Two Diamond restaurant rating from AAA. A bakery and gift shop are attached to the restaurant.[2][7] Guest receptions are held in the afternoon, featuring light appetizers and wines from local wineries.


The red-shingled Millhouse operates a working watermill, harnessing the power of San Luis Creek in order to make such products as apple cider and ice cream. A gift shop was once included inside the Millhouse, which is open Thursday through Sunday [2][8] and offered samples of apple cider and bags of popcorn, both free of charge, to guests.[2][9] The Millhouse includes a few rooms on the upper level that are available for guests to stay in.[2][6]

As of 2015, the Millhouse has been temporarily closed in order to be converted to an all-guest-room facility, and the preexisting gift shop in the Millhouse is to be removed. The water wheel of the Millhouse is to remain operational.


Coordinates: 35°17′25″N 120°38′58″W / 35.29028°N 120.64944°W / 35.29028; -120.64944