The Apple Pan

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The Apple Pan
The Apple Pan, Pico Blvd.JPG
The Apple Pan, 2008
Restaurant information
Slogan "Quality Forever"
Established April 11, 1947 (1947-04-11)
Dress code Casual
Street address 10801 West Pico Boulevard
City Los Angeles
State California
Postal/ZIP Code 90064
Country United States
Coordinates 34°2′26.4″N 118°25′40.08″W / 34.040667°N 118.4278000°W / 34.040667; -118.4278000Coordinates: 34°2′26.4″N 118°25′40.08″W / 34.040667°N 118.4278000°W / 34.040667; -118.4278000

The Apple Pan is a restaurant (opened in 1947) locally famous for its hamburgers, apple pies served with vanilla ice cream, and banana cream pie.

In addition to being one of Los Angeles’ oldest continuing operating restaurants, The Apple Pan is notable as the basis for the popular Johnny Rockets chain of restaurants. Johnny Rockets founder Ronn Teitlebaum claimed he used The Apple Pan as a model for his successful 1950s-themed franchise, copying the menu, presentation, counter seating and grilling area for the Johnny Rockets chain based on this original restaurant: a small menu with few items, hamburgers served wrapped in paper and on cardboard plates, hamburgers grilled-to-order in full view of the counter-seated customers.[1]

As the restaurant is 1.2 miles from the 20th Century Fox studios on Pico Blvd., celebrities occasionally dine there.

Hickory Burger

References in popular culture[edit]

  • In the episode "La Ronde" of Californication, Hank Moody mentions the Apple Pan as a cheap burger.
  • Six Feet Under - In the first season episode "The New Person," Nate Fisher (Peter Krause) asks his sister Claire (Lauren Ambrose) if she wants to go to the Apple Pan to eat together.
  • Former Loveline co-host, Stryker, frequently referenced The Apple Pan, and often tried to invite Dr. Drew to go with him, boasting they have the best tuna melt (though "tuna melt" is not on the menu, "tuna salad sandwich" is; however, tuna melts are available by special request).
  • On September 1, 2008, during the UCLA vs. University of Tennessee college football game, Todd Blackledge of ESPN featured The Apple Pan in his weekly segment, "Taste of the Town." [1]
  • In James Ellroy's 1981 novel Brown's Requiem, Fritz Brown orders three cheeseburgers and two coffees to go from The Apple Pan.
  • The Jonas Brothers regularly talk about the Apple Pan, especially in live web chats.
  • David Sedaris discusses a trip to the Apple Pan in the story "A Can of Worms" from his book Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.
  • Half of an episode of "Visiting... with Huell Howser" (#1616, titled "Survivors") is dedicated to the Apple Pan and its history, and features an interview by Huell with the owners.
  • On August 18, 2010, Johnny Fratto (son of infamous mobster Louis Fratto and pal of The Howard Stern Show regular Eric the Midget) while ending his phone call to Howard Stern, remarked that the best hamburger in Los Angeles could be found at The Apple Pan. This comment came a day after members of the Stern crew devoted a show to comparing fast food burgers and fries, referred to as The Fast Food Show.
  • It was used as 90210's Peach Pit in one episode.
  • In a 2008 interview, musician Tori Amos said The Apple Pan has the best burgers in Los Angeles: "The Apple Pan have just the best burgers in L.A. by the way, in my opinion. I used to go there in the '80s. I know, it's still there. And so I went recently and took one of my friends from London who was just over the moon about it and I went TWICE, twice in 24 hours! Shocking!"
  • Featured on ABC's Food for Thought with Claire Thomas. This episode was titled "Best of: Comfort Foods" episode S1/Ep11 and aired in 2012.
  • Referenced on FX's Legit episode titled "Misunderstood" and aired 4/4/2013 where the character Steve Nugent suggests grabbing a burger at Apple Pan after learning that his ex-wife is moving away to Cincinnati to re-marry.
  • In their DVD commentary of the film Nine To Five, Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda discuss eating the best hamburgers in Los Angeles at the Apple Pan while filming the movie.

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