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The Apprentice UK
Series Seven
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Series Seven of The Apprentice (UK) was a British reality television series. The series started on BBC One on 10 May 2011, and ran for 12, one hour-long weekly episodes, as in all previous years. However, Episode 1 and 2 were aired the same week, and the final episode four days after the penultimate.

The winner was Tom Pellereau, with Helen Milligan as the runner-up.[1][2][3] Pellereau holds the joint record of least successful winner of The Apprentice along with series 10 winner Mark Wright, both only winning three tasks, never winning as project manager and only being PM once. Tom is the first winner to have won fewer tasks than the runner-up (this is also happened again in Series 8, 9 and 10). Runner-up Helen Milligan won ten out of eleven tasks, making her the most successful candidate in the history of The Apprentice.

There were sixteen participants and the board consists of Alan Sugar, Nick Hewer and Karren Brady. The Apprentice: You're Fired! also returned on BBC Two, featuring Dara Ó Briain, who reprises his role of the interviewer of the fired candidate. Filming of the series took place in Autumn 2010; though all series usually begin in March, this series was postponed until May by the BBC, as the previous series had ended in December, only four months before. There was also a change in prize as well - Instead of a job with a £100,000 salary, the winner was given £250,000 to start his or her own business, with Lord Sugar being the joint owner. This change in prize was announced in late June 2010, while the application process had commenced in April 2010. Therefore many candidates had already applied for this series without a business plan, as they were under the assumption that the prize would remain a £100,000 salary job.

On 5 July 2011, a show source detailed that a change in the format of the tasks had been made, stating that the "interview" round would feature in the final episode of the series rather than the penultimate episode, meaning that no fired candidate would return in the finals as a result, while also revealing there would be four finalists instead of two.[4]

The first episode of the series was shown on 10 May 2011, with the second episode airing on the very next day; subsequent episodes were shown every Wednesday thereafter.


The original women's team was called Venture and the men's team was called Logic. Two candidates - Alex and Ellie - never had the chance to be project manager.

Candidate Background Original team Age Result
Tom Pellereau Inventor Logic 31 Hired by Sugar
Helen Milligan Executive Assistant to CEO Venture 30 Runner-up
Susan Ma Natural Skincare Entrepreneur Venture 21 Fired in week 12
Jim Eastwood Sales and Market Manager Logic 32 Fired in week 12
Natasha Scribbins Divisional Manager – Recruitment Venture 31 Fired in week 11
Melody Hossaini Founder & Director – Global Youth Consultancy Business Venture 26 Fired in week 10
Zoe Beresford Project Manager – Drinks Manufacturer Venture 26 Fired in week 9
Leon Doyle Fast Food Marketing Entrepreneur Logic 26 Fired in week 8
Glenn Ward Senior Design Engineer Logic 28 Fired in week 7
Edna Agbarha Business Psychologist Venture 36 Fired in week 6
Vincent Disneur Sales Manager – Telecoms Software Logic 29 Fired in week 5
Ellie Reed Managing Director Venture 33 Fired in week 5
Felicity Jackson Creative Arts Entrepreneur Venture 23 Fired in week 4
Gavin Winstanley Managing Director – Opticians Logic 27 Fired in week 3
Alex Britez Cabral Estate Agent Manager Logic 28 Fired in week 2
Edward Hunter Accountant Logic 25 Fired in week 1

Weekly results[edit]

Candidate Original team Week 3 team Week 4 team Week 6 team Week 7 team Week 8 team Week 9 team Week 10 team Application result Record as project manager
Tom Pellereau Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Hired by Sugar 0-1 (loss in week 8)
Helen Milligan Venture Venture Venture Logic Logic Venture Venture Logic Runner-up 3-0 (win in weeks 6, 9 & 11)
Susan Ma Venture Venture Venture Venture Venture Venture Logic Venture Fired in week 12 2-0 (win in weeks 3 & 8)
Jim Eastwood Logic Venture Logic Logic Venture Venture Venture Venture Fired in week 12 0-2 (loss in weeks 7 & 11)
Natasha Scribbins Venture Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Venture Venture Fired in week 11 2-0 (win in weeks 7 & 10)
Melody Hossaini Venture Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Fired in week 10 1-1 (win in week 1, loss in week 10)
Zoe Beresford Venture Logic Venture Venture Venture Venture Logic Fired in week 9 1-2 (win in week 4, loss in weeks 6 & 9)
Leon Doyle Logic Venture Venture Venture Logic Logic Fired in week 8 0-1 (loss in week 2)
Glenn Ward Logic Venture Venture Venture Venture Fired in week 7 1-0 (win in week 5)
Edna Agbarha Venture Venture Venture Venture Fired in week 6 1-0 (win in week 2)
Vincent Disneur Logic Logic Logic Fired in week 5 0-1 (loss in week 5)
Ellie Reed Venture Logic Logic Fired in week 5
Felicity Jackson Venture Venture Logic Fired in week 4 0-1 (loss in week 4)
Gavin Winstanley Logic Logic Fired in week 3 0-1 (loss in week 3)
Alex Britez Cabral Logic Fired in week 2
Edward Hunter Logic Fired in week 1 0-1 (loss in week 1)
Elimination chart
Candidate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Edward FIRED
     The candidate was on the winning team.
     The candidate was on the losing team.
     The candidate became Lord Sugar's new business partner and won The Apprentice.
     The candidate was the runner-up.
     The candidate won as project manager on his/her team.
     The candidate lost as project manager on his/her team.
     The candidate was brought to the final boardroom.
     The candidate was fired.
     The candidate lost as project manager and was fired.


Week 1[edit]

  • Air Date: 10 May 2011
  • Venture: Melody (Project Manager), Susan, Edna, Ellie, Helen, Felicity, Natasha and Zoe.
  • Logic: Edward (Project Manager), Tom, Gavin, Leon, Glenn, Jim, Alex and Vincent.
  • Task: Use fruit and veg to make meals for London's work force, with £250 investment. Highest turnover made, wins.[5]
  • Task Review: Venture decided to sell fruits for breakfast, and vegetable pasta for lunch, while Logic decided on tomato soup and orange juice. Venture decided not to spend all of their money due to a misunderstanding of the rules (they assumed the win was on profit, not turnover), while Logic used their entire budget; Edward spent the majority on oranges, forcing the men to bargain for soup ingredients, whilst Venture were more careful in buying their supplies. Venture started well in time for breakfast, while Logic were unable to start selling until lunchtime, after Leon accidentally broke their juicing equipment, forcing the team to spend the morning juicing oranges by hand. Pasta sales for Venture soon fell, as they were not delivered on time, while Logic's soup and juice sales soon picked up. However, the poor start and broken machinery proved too much to overcome.
  • Result: Logic's turnover was £432.13, while Venture's turnover was £592.
  • Winner: Venture - By £159.87.
  • Reward: Champagne at the candidates' house.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Edward, Leon and Gavin
  • Fired: Edward - For his very poor leadership, not allowing others to step up when they were better-qualified to lead, refusing to use his accountancy skill-set, and for bringing Gavin back into the boardroom for personal and unrelated reasons, instead of Alex.
  • Notes:
    • Had the teams been measured on profit rather than turnover (as Venture had assumed), the results would have been even more decisive; Venture's profit was £422, while Logic's was just £182.10. If Venture had spent their entire budget, the overall profit would have been £362, meaning they would have won regardless.
    • Lord Sugar disliked the fact that Edward was project manager in a sales task, something that was more suited to Jim or Gavin's expertise, and that Edward did not ask anyone else about their experience before putting himself forward. Edward further harmed his cause by attempting to deny that Gavin had volunteered himself to be project manager (a claim that Leon challenged), while also offering bizarre excuses for his poor leadership, including saying that he found it harder to lead because he was the shortest person on the team; Lord Sugar and the other two candidates openly laughed at this statement.
    • Jim was the only member of Logic who both Lord Sugar and Karren felt had done particularly well in this task, as he not only sold the most, but had also negotiated a very good deal for soup ingredients after Edward spent £200 on oranges without consulting the rest of the team. However, it was also noted that Gavin had contributed the second-highest amount toward Logic's total, causing Lord Sugar to conclude that Edward, at best, hadn't kept track of who was doing what on the team, and at worst had brought Gavin back entirely due to personal reasons.
    • Lord Sugar, Karren and Nick all strongly hinted that Alex should have be brought back (and possibly fired), for his performance on the task, since he spent the whole day serving soup and only contributed £8 to Logic's turnover. Karren criticised him for doing "back office" work while everyone else was selling, and Nick accused him of hiding to avoid responsibility.
    • In the final boardroom, Leon and Gavin repeatedly questioned whether Edward, as an accountant, was qualified to lead the team. Despite his otherwise heavy criticism of Edward, Lord Sugar defended him on this point, saying that many successful businesspeople have started out as accountants. After the firing, Lord Sugar told Edward that there was no shame in being an accountant, and that he should never feel that there was.

Week 2[edit]

  • Air Date: 11 May 2011
  • Venture: Edna (Project Manager), Susan, Melody, Ellie, Helen, Felicity, Natasha and Zoe.
  • Logic: Leon (Project Manager), Tom, Gavin, Glenn, Jim, Alex and Vincent.
  • Task: Develop a mobile phone app, pitch it to three distributors to promote as 'App of the Day' (for 24 hours), and attempt to convince bloggers and software experts to support their application further. Most downloads received, wins.[6]
  • Task Review: Logic's app, suggested by Glenn, was called "Slangatang" and featured a number of stereotypical characters from in the UK and around the world saying things in regional dialects, while Venture, who spent a long time coming up with an app (and even then, only had an idea after Felicity reported back from market research) had an app called "Ampi-Apps," which featured annoying noises paired up with random pictures. "Ampi-Apps" was felt to be somewhat pointless by two of the three distributors, and Edna's poor pitch at the gaming fair did not help their cause, after she left out what the app does and how to download it. However, "Slangatang" was felt to be extremely offensive by the largest of the distributors and most of the people at the gaming fair, despite the men giving a much better presentation. As a result, while "Slangatang" had a strong start with downloads in the first few hours, it rapidly fell away afterwards, while "Ampi-Apps" had a weaker start in the first few hours, but took off after the gaming fair.
  • Result: Logic had a total of 3,951 downloads, while Venture had a total of 10,667 downloads.
  • Winner: Venture - By 6,716 downloads.
  • Reward: Venture had a meal hosted by Michelin two-star chef Michel Roux, Jr.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Leon, Alex and Glenn
  • Fired: Alex - For taking a backseat in both tasks, making too many excuses for his lack of contribution, and for showing no skills that would be beneficial for investing in him.
  • Notes:
    • Despite Venture winning, five members of the team said they were unhappy with the idea for the app in the boardroom, feeling it was somewhat pointless, with Edna being also criticised by her team for choosing to deliver the pitch instead of Melody, who had stated she had pitched to people "on a day-to-day basis".
    • At the beginning of the episode, all of the members of team Logic (with the exception of Alex), implied they would be willing to take on the role of project manager. When discussing Logic's loss in the boardroom, Lord Sugar implied that one of their reasons for losing was because the app's description was felt to be dull and boring in comparison to Venture's, while Glenn was criticised for his idea that caused the men to lose.
    • Leon initially decided to bring Alex and Jim back into the board room, but Jim challenged this, causing Leon to decide that Jim did not deserve to end up in the bottom three, thus he decided upon going with Glenn instead. Glenn hastily tried to convince Leon to think again, pointing out that Tom should be brought back instead of him, but Leon decided to keep with his choice this time. Despite Leon losing as Project Manager on a task he should have been well suited to, he avoided being fired, though Lord Sugar told him that he was on his last warning.

Week 3[edit]

  • Air Date: 18 May 2011
  • Venture: Susan (Project Manager), Edna, Leon, Glenn, Jim, Helen and Felicity.
  • Logic: Gavin (Project Manager), Tom, Melody, Ellie, Vincent, Natasha and Zoe.
  • Task: Source ten last minute items in nine hour, negotiating for lower prices, then take to the Savoy's grand reopening, and have them inspected by the hotel's general manager. Lowest total spent (after addition of fines for missing/incorrect items, and lateness), wins.[7]
  • Task Review: Venture purchased nine of the items needed, but paid high prices in comparison to Logic's spending; in particular, they were criticised for spending nearly double the amount on tea than Logic, and also suffered a heavy fine for not buying a large consignment of light bulbs. Furthermore, they were also criticised for trying to negotiate a bargain from a hat shop which was noted to have sold high-ticket hats, including selling to the King of Tsonga. Aside from this, they performed better than Logic, who despite negotiating well, only purchased 6 items, and received large set value fines and additional penalties for the missing 4 items; Natasha was also noted to have wasted a lot of time with numerous bad ideas, like trying to buy a list from a rival hotel of where to source things.
  • Result: Venture's total spend was £1,381.69 (including fines), while Logic's total spend was £1,389.20.
  • Winner: Venture - By £7.51.
  • Reward: Visit to a circus style Cabrera show in one of Covent Gardens trendy bars.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Gavin, Vincent and Zoe
  • Fired: Gavin - For his ineffective and disorganized leadership, lacking assertiveness, and for not bringing Natasha back into the boardroom.
  • Notes:
    • Despite feeling that Susan had managed well, Lord Sugar sharply criticised her sub team's performance, which included buying the tea and top hat at ridiculous prices, wasting time trying to negotiate with the highest end retailers for the top hat and not researching more potential suppliers. By contrast, Jim was commended for his persistence in getting numerous small discounts, which proved decisive given the narrow margin of victory, while Nick dubbed Susan a "force to be reckoned with".
    • When Logic's results were announced, Lord Sugar was appalled Logic only got 6 items. After Venture left, Lord Sugar told Logic that they deserved to lose and hinted that even if they had won, he might have disqualified them.
    • Zoe was criticised for not contributing much, but she was able to successfully plea that she hadn't been given enough time to express herself and in response to this plea, Lord Sugar made her team leader in the following task.
    • Natasha was heavily criticised for her poor ideas and it was heavily indicated, had she been brought back, she would've most likely been fired over Gavin.
    • Lord Sugar cited in the following episode that Gavin had been a real "contender" and warned the remaining candidates not to repeat the mistakes he had made prior his firing.

Week 4[edit]

  • Air Date: 25 May 2011
  • Venture: Zoe (Project Manager), Susan, Edna, Leon, Glenn and Helen.
  • Logic: Felicity (Project Manager), Tom, Melody, Jim, Ellie, Vincent and Natasha.
  • Task: Set up a beauty-treatment business, boosting sales with a sideline of cosmetic products; products are chosen from vendors the day before selling. Most profit made, wins.[8]
  • Task Review: Venture managed to secure a spray-tanning system along with cold foot-massage products for their treatments, selling tanning products and nail polish on the side, while Logic, who initially wanted the tanning system, chose to use a hot-shell heat massager along with doing hair-styling for treatments, while selling additional hair-styling products and massagers on the side. Venture choice of an out-of-town shopping centre, the Westfield Merry Hill centre, with a treatment room that could serve three customers at once, allowed them to enjoy very good sales; Susan originally wanted more than half of the tanning supplies she received, and only reduced it after talking to Zoe, but this quantity proved a poor decision, as though the products enjoyed good sales, they only shifted about half of their stock. In contrast, Logic's location in Birmingham, at the Bullring centre, offered more footfall, but worse facilities since they only had one treatment room which was three floors up from their main sales point, while Felicity made very little decision making, relying on her team to help in important decisions and then made a serious error by choosing to focus the team on selling their sideline rather than on the more profitable treatments throughout much of the day, not sending anyone to the treatment room, and even pulling two of their therapists away to assist in selling them, until much later in the day when they did begin to focus on the treatments. This, combined with an even bigger overspend on products than Venture, proved fatally flawed.
  • Result: Venture had a profit of £203.01, while Logic had a loss of £246.28.
  • Winner: Venture - By £449.29.
  • Reward: Dance lessons with the cast of Strictly Come Dancing
  • Brought into the boardroom: Felicity, Ellie and Natasha
  • Fired: Felicity - For being too indecisive, choosing a bad location, focusing on cosmetics rather than the more profitable treatments, and for not bringing Tom back to the boardroom.
  • Notes:
    • At the briefing, Lord Sugar rebalanced the teams; Zoe changed places with Felicity with both being appointed as project managers, while Jim was switched into Logic.
    • After Tom had been pulled away by Felicity, Ellie and Melody came down a few hours later to complain about the lack of customers for treatments, which forced Nick to make a rare intervention and remind them to continue onwards, with Felicity opting to send Ellie back while keeping Melody behind. It was only in mid-afternoon that Felicity had the team focus on treatments, with Jim coming back to help Ellie initially, although the sudden increase in customers made by their devised offer, consisting of a few free minutes of massaging, proved problematic for their single treatment room. Felicity later acknowledged on You're Fired! that by this time, the team had realised they were almost certainly going to lose.
    • Although Lord Sugar praised Venture's profit, he mentioned that a profit of £203 in the beauty industry was not terrific. This was largely blamed on Susan, whose background in skincare products meant she played a key part in many of the decisions Zoe made at the start of the task, including a huge overestimate of how much product they could sell. Lord Sugar informed Susan that had she spent the amount she had first suggested, the team, like Logic, would have made a loss.
    • Both teams initially wanted a spray-tanning system, but the vendor chose to have Venture sell it due to a perceived lack of enthusiasm on Logic's part. Felicity initially tried to blame their loss on the team's failure to secure the spray tanner, but Lord Sugar disagreed, feeling that their bad location and misguided strategy were more to blame.
    • Lord Sugar criticised Tom and Vincent's appearance in the losing team for four consecutive weeks. In the boardroom Melody tried to pin much of the blame for the loss on Tom, accusing him of failing to persuade customers to take the treatments when he was called down from the treatment room to do so; Nick was just as critical, feeling Tom did very little and took a back seat, preferring to sell products rather than take responsibility for decisions. However, Felicity refused to blame Tom, pointing out that his concerns about the location ultimately turned out to be correct. While Lord Sugar did not criticise Felicity for not bringing Tom in, it was hinted that had he been brought back, he would have likely been fired.
    • Leon was heavily insecure when it came to selling beauty products and performing treatments. However his valiant effort made him the most effective member of the sales team, earning praise from Karren. Although Ellie wasn't held responsible for the loss, she was criticised for staying in the upper floors for three hours, and not even trying to communicate with Felicity. Lord Sugar let her off with a severe warning to step up on the next task.

Week 5[edit]

  • Air Date: 1 June 2011
  • Venture: Glenn (Project Manager), Susan, Edna, Leon, Helen and Zoe.
  • Logic: Vincent (Project Manager), Tom, Melody, Jim, Ellie and Natasha.
  • Task: Create a new brand of pet food, then pitch it. Best concept made, wins.
  • Task Review: Venture created a brand of cat food called "Cat-Size", which was designed as a diet cat food, while Logic created a dog food called "Every Dog" which was initially conceived by Vincent and named by Jim and; the brand was conceived to be fed to dogs of all shapes and sizes, although the actual product was designed to specifically help with joints and heart. Venture's execution of the task was weak, as Glenn struggled to gain the respect of his team-mates, their television advert was slightly unclear, and Leon stumbled through his pitch, in spite of his sub-team spending five hours preparing; by comparison, Logic's campaign was felt to be much more professional. However, their brand had no clear target market, and as a vet pointed out to them early in the task, making a dog food suitable for every dog is impossible, resulting in them losing the task.
  • Winner: Venture - For a campaign that was not fatally flawed and having a clear target market.
  • Reward: Playing tennis with Pat Cash
  • Brought into the boardroom: Vincent, Ellie and Natasha
  • Fired:
    • Ellie - For a consistent lack of contribution in all tasks, despite a warning to step up the previous week, taking a backseat despite working in the dog food business, and her insubordination towards Vincent.
    • Vincent - For ignoring the advice from a vet and creating an unsellable product, refusing to admit any fault for the loss, continuously being on the losing team, and for bringing Natasha back into the boardroom instead of Jim.
  • Notes:
    • Glenn's victory made him the only successful male project manager in this series; he was, however, strongly criticised as he went against Leon's sub-team's marketing choice about the brand, gave them very little to do and created a slogan which was deemed very weak, though it was noted that the sub-team were somewhat disrespectful to Glenn, which may have been a factor in his decision to give them little to do.
    • After Lord Sugar criticised Jim in the boardroom, Jim asked to be team leader on the next task. Lord Sugar denied his request and said that he would choose when Jim would lead a team.
    • Lord Sugar severely criticised Vincent's decision to bring back Natasha, since she had directed the advert which had proved to be one of the only positive aspects of the team's performance, and it was made very clear early on in the final boardroom, she would not be facing dismissal. Lord Sugar ultimately concluded that Vincent was too scared to bring Jim back into the boardroom and fired him in response, stating that "a message" needed to go back to the other candidates.
    • Despite Vincent's mistakes, Lord Sugar felt Vincent had led Logic better than any of the previous candidates and it was implied had he took Jim back into the boardroom (preferably over Natasha given that Lord Sugar felt he had enough evidence to fire Ellie prior Vincent's departure), Vincent would've not been fired.

Week 6[edit]

  • Air Date: 8 June 2011
  • Venture: Zoe (Project Manager), Susan, Edna, Leon and Glenn.
  • Logic: Helen (Project Manager), Tom, Melody, Jim and Natasha.
  • Task: Operate a waste disposal service, clearing rubbish while also selling anything valuable that is collected. Most profit made, wins.
  • Task Review: Logic decided to focus on obtaining waste with a high scrap value, particularly metal, and obtained two major clients set up by Lord Sugar by offering to dispose of their waste for nothing, relying solely on the profit from selling the high value scrap. A third client arranged by Melody proved less lucrative, as although Logic were able to charge well for their services, the team were then forced to dispose of more waste than they had expected, due to the builders adding worthless waste to the pile while the team were on their first trip to the dump. Venture lost out on the clients after Zoe ignored Susan's suggestion to pay them a small fee for their valuable scrap and insisted on charging for the team's services. They obtained two contracts themselves the following day, but were unable to make up the difference.
  • Result: Venture had a profit of £706, while Logic had a profit of £712.
  • Winner: Logic - By £6.
  • Reward: Trip to a thermal spa
  • Brought into the boardroom: Zoe, Susan and Edna
  • Fired: Edna - For falsely claiming credit for the team's sale appointments, unproven claims on her abilities, and for having a background that Lord Sugar felt was ill-suited to starting a business with him.
  • Notes:
    • Susan's suggestion to pay one of the clients was shot down by Zoe. Although Susan initially agreed she had been foolish, she was proven right when they learnt that both clients had rejected them, but neither Edna nor Zoe apologised to or even commended Susan. In the boardroom, Zoe brought up this incident, but Lord Sugar chastised her for this and her lack of respect towards Susan, pointing out her suggestion would have been decisive in Venture winning. He also suspected that Zoe brought Susan back for mainly personal reasons, considering that Zoe berated Susan for much of the final boardroom, and Susan's attempts to defend herself were met with open aggression. Zoe's survival was largely down to her impressive defence, being the only one to step up to be project manager, and acknowledging that she bore most of the blame for the failure to secure the two clients.
    • Edna sealed her fate in the boardroom by claiming she had secured a major appointment when it was in fact Leon and Glenn who did so. Nick accused her of "taking credit where it's not due", a view shared by many within Venture, while Lord Sugar felt she was too much of a glory seeker and would not "gel" with him in business.
    • Logic's decision not to charge clients arranged by Lord Sugar for their services was seen as an extremely risky move. Jason Mohr, an entrepreneur who acted as advisor for the task, noted on You're Fired that he would have charged for removal, and could well have ended up fired had he been a participant in the task. In addition, Lord Sugar commended Tom on making his first win, while labelling Helen as a "lucky mascot" for her string of wins.

Week 7[edit]

  • Air Date: 15 June 2011
  • Venture: Jim (Project Manager), Susan, Glenn and Zoe.
  • Logic: Natasha (Project Manager), Tom, Melody, Leon and Helen.
  • Task: Create a free magazine and sell space to advertisers when pitching it. Most sales made, wins.
  • Task Review: Venture created a seniors' magazine called Hip Replacement, while Logic created a combined business and lads' magazine, called Covered. The advertisers thought that Covered was somewhat vulgar and had an outdated concept, but despite hating the title, they thought that Hip Replacement had more market potential. However, Jim made a fatal mistake in negotiating with the largest advertising agency by refusing to offer any sort of bulk discount; as a consequence, the agency purchased all of the advertising space in Covered, securing Logic's win.
  • Result: Logic had sales of £76,000, while Venture had sales of £28,850.
  • Winner: Logic - By £47,150.
  • Reward: Fencing lessons
  • Brought into the boardroom: Jim, Glenn and Susan
  • Fired: Glenn - For his insufficient input and presence in most of the tasks, having nothing valuable in his engineering background, and for his general lack of business experience.
  • Notes:
    • Susan was nicknamed "the mouse" by the other members of Venture, due to her constant failure to speak up in the tasks. Nick, however, spoke very strongly in her defence, particularly of her recognition for the need to "slash prices". This, along with her passionate defence, resulted in Lord Sugar deciding to let her stay.
    • A majority of the You're Fired audience disagreed with the decision for the first time in the series, along with the panel, who felt that Jim should have been fired. In a clip recorded for the show, Sugar revealed that he had seen many engineers fail at business in the past, and that was the example he had also seen in Glenn over the previous seven weeks. This provoked much anger among the wider engineering community and the press immediately following the episode - James Dyson was commonly held up as a prime example of an engineer/inventor who also had been a hugely successful businessman.

Week 8[edit]

  • Air Date: 22 June 2011
  • Venture: Susan (Project Manager), Jim, Helen and Zoe.
  • Logic: Tom (Project Manager), Melody, Leon and Natasha.
  • Task: Choose 2 British products, then sell them to retailers in Paris. Most sales made, wins.
  • Task Review: Logic pitched a teapot-based lamp and a postcard sown with cress seeds that unfolded into a "garden". Venture pitched a children's booster seat that folded into a backpack, and a stand to put various electronic devices such as an iPhone or iPod Touch in; Tom had wanted the backpack initially, but Melody disliked it, going so far as to deliberately skew her market research against the product. She then failed to give Tom any information on La Redoute (the major vendor that Lord Sugar had set up an appointment with), in addition to keeping all the sales appointments she had made for herself, thus Tom didn't sell anything while Natasha and Leon sold very litte. On the other hand, Venture's execution of the task was near-flawless, earning large sales from independent retailers and earning a massive order from the appointment that Lord Sugar set up. The only flaws were Zoe and Jim's failure to sell all of their stands, as they struggled to arrange suitable appointments.
  • Result: Venture had sales of €228,699, while Logic had sales of €11,705.
  • Winner: Venture - €216,994.
  • Reward: Flying lessons
  • Brought into the boardroom: Tom, Leon and Melody
  • Fired: Leon - For taking a backseat role, deliberately trying to use his lack of fluent French as an excuse, and for lacking the passion and desire that both Tom and Melody demonstrated.
  • Notes:
    • Venture's victory on this task was described by Lord Sugar as an "annihilation", yet despite this, Karren touched upon Susan's immaturity, especially when she was selecting products, as she asked numerous bizarre and unnecessary questions, including whether the French were fond of their children. In contrast, Helen was given much credit for securing the large order from the appointment, which single-handedly secured Venture's win.
    • After Tom said who he would like to bring back, Lord Sugar branded Natasha "lucky", as she had done very little in the task; even then, however, she sold the team's second-highest number of items after Melody, in part due to Tom selling nothing and Leon's sales amounting to a few hundred Euros.
    • Despite Tom and Leon accusing Melody of repeatedly being insubordinate during the task, Lord Sugar stated that he admired her aggressiveness and strong personality, and made it clear relatively early in the final boardroom that she would not be fired, hinting that had Natasha been bought back, Tom would not have been in as much danger of dismissal. Meanwhile, Leon's excuse that he didn't speak French was criticised by Karren, especially since Melody (who spoke French) had managed to sell reasonable quantities speaking English, and Natasha had also outsold Leon despite only having a minimal grasp of French.
    • In his You're Fired appearance, Leon revealed that he had previously worked for La Redoute, but claimed to be unaware that were the large company Lord Sugar had arranged appointments with due to bad communication, and so did not volunteer information about the company to Tom, mistakenly thinking he had already been supplied with all the relevant detail. Leon decided against volunteering this fact in the boardroom, thinking it would just make Sugar even more inclined to fire him.
    • In absolute terms,this was the second-biggest victory margin in the show's history (until the following week), but in terms of cash earned, it was the biggest margin created.

Week 9[edit]

  • Air Date: 29 June 2011
  • Venture: Helen (Project Manager), Jim and Natasha.
  • Logic: Zoe (Project Manager), Susan, Tom and Melody.
  • Task: Manufacture a brand new, distinctive biscuit and its packaging, then pitch it to retailers. Most orders received, wins.
  • Task Review: Venture's biscuit, created by Jim, was called "Special Stars" and featured a star-shaped chocolate lump on a flapjack, while Logic's biscuit, by Tom, was a two-in-one biscuit called "Bix Mix", which was made of a digestive biscuit with a core of butter biscuit, and partially coated in chocolate; on Logic, there was noticeable friction between Melody, Zoe and Susan from the start, causing numerous arguments throughout the day. This was especially noted in Asda, when an argument erupted just before the pitch. The retailers (Sainsbury's, Asda and Waitrose) felt that Venture's marketing message was unclear, but Jim pulled off a risky move by convincing Asda to commit to a large-scale marketing strategy, and Asda agreed to an a large order of packs if they were granted exclusivity. Logic, on the other hand, ended up failing to secure a single order from any of the retailers, all of whom agreed that the biscuit was well-marketed, but produced far too cheaply for the high price.
  • Result: Venture received 800,000 orders, while Logic received 0 orders.
  • Winner: Venture - Outright win, from results.
  • Reward: Country House Visit
  • Brought into the boardroom: Zoe, Tom and Melody
  • Fired: Zoe - For being project manager of the worst defeat in the show's history, and for electing to handle the marketing than manufacturing, despite her background in the food and drink industry.
  • Notes:
    • Special Stars' slogan, "Anytime is treat time", was criticised as being contradictory by Natasha, Karren, one of the head Waitrose retailers and Lord Sugar. Jim suggested the slogan after the market research, and though Natasha opposed it immediately, she did not come up with an alternative suggestion, leaving Helen with no other choice but to run with it.
    • During the boardroom, Karren told Lord Sugar that Jim was "carried away" with one of his pitches when convincing Asda to commit to a large-scale marketing strategy, in response to queries about Special Stars' slogan. While both Karren and Lord Sugar found this humorous, it did help with Venture's win, along with his pitch and the exclusivity deal. Meanwhile, Lord Sugar was surprised as to the results of the task, as he thought Logic had done a much better job in their marketing, although he soon found fault with the biscuit afterwards.
    • Lord Sugar dubbed Zoe a "contender," and noted that, although he had several reasons to fire Tom, including his horrendous track record and for being most responsible for the biscuit design, the fact that Zoe had lost on a task that she was the most qualified person to lead, and especially by such a large margin, led to her dismissal. However Tom was warned that he was on his last chance.
    • For the second week in a row, Lord Sugar made it clear that he did not see Melody as being responsible for the loss in any real fashion (even implying that he thought Susan should have been in the final boardroom instead), and did not seriously consider firing her. Despite this, he warned her that he was now having serious problems with her abrasiveness and continued refusal to listen to others, and that he would find it difficult to invest in her unless she quickly addressed these issues. Melody was in constant conflict with Zoe throughout the task, refusing to concede ground even after decisions on the product and target market had been made. This culminated in a loud argument on the shop floor of Asda, which forced Nick to intervene so the pitch could start.

Week 10[edit]

  • Air Date: 6 July 2011
  • Venture: Natasha (Project Manager), Susan and Jim.
  • Logic: Melody (Project Manager), Tom and Helen.
  • Task: Sell a pallet of wholesale items, reinvesting profits in items that sell well. Most amount of assets (remaining stock and cash, minus purchases), wins.
  • Task Review: Venture found early on that the umbrellas and nodding toy dogs sold the best, and purchased more to sell the following day; although Susan wasted the first day by trying to sell door-to-door in Knightsbridge, she took a successful gamble for Venture by buying some bracelets outside of the wholesaler market. Both she and Jim sold well, but Natasha handicapped the team by refusing to allow any further reinvestment until all the items had been sold. At the end of the second day, after Natasha finally allowed Jim to try and reinvest, he bought a dozen more umbrellas to start selling again, but he arrived at the place he was planning to sell at 18:00, at which point the task ended; he acknowledged in the boardroom that his effort was too late, and he hadn't had enough stock in any case. In Logic, Tom found the toy dogs sold well, but his discovery was ignored by Melody and Helen, who focused on a flawed strategy of selling to retailers. While the team had more success with selling to the public, Melody decided not to reinvest the bulk of the profit from the first day, in anything that had sold well, and instead sold a new line of travel accessories and digital picture frames, with moderate, but untested success. Helen then wasted a lot of time on the second day by travelling across London to buy duvet covers to sell to a retailer she and Melody had made a commitment to the day before, only to discover on the way to the retailer that he had already closed for business. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar fined Venture for ignoring the task rules with their failure to re-invest.
  • Result: Venture's total assets were £751 (after deduction of the fine), while Logic's total assets were £728.
  • Winner: Venture - By £23.
  • Reward: None - Lord Sugar disallowed it due to Venture's performance; the treat would have been a helicopter trip to Goodwood and riding in vintage cars.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Melody, Tom and Helen (the entirety of Logic)
  • Fired: Melody, with regret - For not understanding the rules of the task, failing to heed Lord Sugar's warnings on listening to others, her overly abrasive and stubborn nature, and for being seen as an potentially poor business partner.
  • Notes:
    • Despite them winning, Lord Sugar was utterly disappointed on their performance, calling their victory "hollow", that after the results, he informed them that they would not receive a reward, cancelling it; despite the fine, and Logic not re-investing in good sellers, he identified that Venture's problem lay with Natasha and made it clear that she would have been fired had Venture lost. This is the first time in the show's history that a winning team has not had a treat (bar the week before Interviews). When Natasha attempted to direct blame on Susan, it resulted in a major argument at the house.
    • While this was Tom's eighth time on the losing team, he was judged to be the least at fault for the loss, single-handedly accounting for nearly half of the team's sales and being the only person who pushed for re-investment of the items the team had on the first day. Lord Sugar was also impressed by the fact that Tom defended himself much more strongly than he had in the previous two weeks, and pulled no punches in accusing Melody of missing the point of the task, and Helen of showing no knowledge of how a small business works.
    • As another first in the show's history, Helen attempted to take over as project manager from Melody at the start of the second day, feeling that the team had no strategy after the bizarre purchasing decisions the previous day, but Melody refused to let her do so. In the boardroom, Helen admitted this to Lord Sugar, but her reason for doing so, to sell only to retailers, was criticised heavily for being an even worse idea; firstly, because retailers are used to buying directly from wholesalers, and secondly because the margins from any such sales would be much smaller than from sales made to the public.
    • Both Melody and Helen's working backgrounds were highlighted as an issue in the boardroom, with Lord Sugar being especially concerned that Helen's experience was mostly in administration rather than actually running a business, and that she showed no real understanding of why her strategy of selling to retailers was a poor idea. Ultimately though, Helen's exceptional track record saved her, while Melody's performance as PM sealed her fate, and more so by her being unable to articulate what exactly her existing businesses did.
    • This is the only time Helen was on the losing team.
    • The panel on You're Fired fully believed that while Melody deserved to be fired, they also felt that Natasha was much more worthy of dismissal. It was also noted that Jim was the best seller on Venture, outshining both girls and it was hinted that if Venture had lost, he would have been in no danger of dismissal.
    • Melody was the only candidate in the series who was noted to have been fired with regret.

Week 11[edit]

  • Air Date: 13 July 2011
  • Venture: Jim (Project Manager), Susan and Natasha.
  • Logic: Helen (Project Manager) and Tom.
  • Task: Invent a unique cuisine and its outlet, open it to the public on the first day, then pitch the concept to Lord Sugar and experts from the fast-food industry the next day. Best score in four categories wins.
  • Task Review: Venture decided on a Mexican theme of cuisine, calling it "Caraca's" (not knowing it was the Venezuelan capital) Logic decided on a British theme of pies, naming it "MyPy". Logic's run-through and actual service were both virtually flawless, though there were questions about the profit margins that would be attainable with the premium ingredients used in their pies. They also fell into trouble advertising one of their pies under the title 'Columbus' despite the explorer's Italian heritage. Despite this, Lord Sugar noted how quick the service was and thought the fast food was of a good quality. All of the experts agreed Logic's pitch was of a good standard. Venture's run-though was a total disaster and their actual service wasn't much better; mostly because the food was unappetisingly cold and very slow to come out. This was due to the fact that Jim had insisted on prioritising on the actual themed decorations of the restaurant as opposed to the food. Venture then did an average pitch, until they were asked about finance in which they had no plan whatsoever. Jim made a huge mathematical mistake when asked about how much money the company would make in an hour (thinking 60 times 7 was 4,800, when in actuality it was 420), which Lord Sugar said would still be a poor profit margin. The end result was a clear victory for Logic.
  • Result: Logic scored an average of 7/10 in each category, while Venture scored an average of 4/10 in each category.
  • Winner: Logic - For a better theme, service, food, and overall pitch.
  • Reward: No reward - the following week was Interviews, so Logic was sent to the house to prepare.
  • Brought into the Boardroom: Jim, Susan and Natasha (the entirety of Venture).
  • Fired: Natasha - For contributing the least the task despite her experience in the hospitality business, and for having lost the energy and enthusiasm she displayed earlier in the process, due to her poor performance the previous week.
  • Notes:
    • Because of the prize being changed from a job with Lord Sugar, to an investment with him instead, the eleventh week was reallocated to a business task, with the Interviews being used to determine the winner in the final week. The format would remain as such, until Series 9, meaning none of the candidates fired in this process returned in the final week.
    • Lord Sugar pointed out that Venture's theme was actually a good choice compared to Logic's, but it was ultimately destroyed by how poorly the team had performed when running it, including the quality of the food and the blunder in the pitch.
    • Despite Susan and Natasha disliking each other, they both agreed that Jim deserved to be fired for being a poor project manager in the task. On You're Fired, the majority of the panel agreed on this. Despite this, Natasha was criticised on the fact that the only reason she didn't get involved with the food-making of the process was because she "didn't like" it, even though she had a hospitality degree. Lord Sugar likened this to a paramedic refusing to perform CPR.

Week 12: The Final[edit]

  • Air Date: 17 July 2011[9]
  • Finalists: Helen, Susan, Jim and Tom.
  • Task: The four finalists each have to face a gruelling interview process on their own, with CVs and business plan scrutinised carefully by Matthew Riley, Mike Soutar, Margaret Mountford and Claude Littner. Lord Sugar decides the winner, based on feedback.
  • Candidate Reviews: Helen received positive feedback from all four interviewers regarding her strong work ethic, employment history and record on the show. However they all saw a major flaw in her business plan, a personal concierge service which would help busy working people organise their day-to-day lives, with her lack of experience and contacts in that industry. They were baffled as to why she didn't create a business plan based on her background; she claimed this was because there was no business like the one she was offering, yet Matthew it would be equally easy to do some things without the service. Ultimately she was deemed to be an ideal employee, but not a business partner, as they felt she lacked the required entrepreneurial flair and she had no prior experience of running her own business. While the interviewers felt that Jim's plan, to create a business which would specialise in delivering training aids and employability skills to schoolchildren, was a good business for the current economic climate, they were concerned by the low profit margins and Jim's lack of market research, while having a lot of problems with Jim himself, as they considered him to be full of clichés and to be hard to get answers out of. Susan's business plan got a lot of praise, as it played off her experience in the cosmetics industry, but she shot herself in the foot with her outlandish claims, particularly the fact that she thought she could make a net profit of a million pounds in the first year; when prompted by Claude, she admitted it was a foolish mistake, though still claimed it, which deemed her as immature, while all agreed she had little experience. Tom got praise for his prior success in creating and selling nail files to major retailers, but was accused of being unable to focus himself properly, and the interviewers felt that his plan, to create a company supplying specialist products for people with back problems, was poorly written up.
  • Initial Decision: Ultimately, despite an implied agreement among the interviewers that Jim was the weakest candidate, there was no firm consensus on who was the best. Lord Sugar took on the interviewers feedback on Jim and fired him first, due to his poor plan and being unconvincing overall. Susan was next; her plan, while arguably the best of the four, was still flawed, and her failure to admit to unrealistic figures was proof to him that she needed more real-world experience.
  • Fired (Before final decision):
    • Jim - For coming across as "clichéd" in the interviews, and for suggesting a plan more suited to a charity than a business.
    • Susan - For her inexperience, and for making unrealistic claims about the potential profits her business could make.
  • Final Decision: The final two were Helen and Tom. While Tom's business plan was in need of heavy tweaking, and Helen did suggest scrapping her original plan and instead creating a chain of bakeries, in the end her lack of hands-on experience and poor initial idea counted against her, leading Lord Sugar to naming Tom his new business partner.
  • Runner-Up: Helen - For proposing a business plan that did not play to her strengths, and having a background more suited to business administration and operation than setting up a whole new company.
  • Winner: Tom - For his prior business experience, along with his innovation and creativity.
  • Notes:
    • It was noted that in the very final boardroom, Tom explained to Lord Sugar how his business idea came around and what inspired him to do so, and this ultimately turned out to be one of the major factors for him winning. Tom was notably commented as being a "candidate to watch over".
    • Lord Sugar noted, that the fact that Helen had produced such a poor business plan, was rather "disappointing", considering that throughout the process, she had been the overall best candidate on the show. Meanwhile, despite Susan making unrealistic claims on her financial model which made her unsuitable, Lord Sugar predicted that she would likely go on to do great things in the future.
    • On You're Hired!, Lord Sugar said that if the prize had been a job in one of his companies like in the previous series, Helen would have won. He also suggested during the same show that he may look forward to doing some form of business with Susan in the future, later investing in Susan's existing business Tropic Skincare in April 2012.


Episode Viewing figures from Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB).[10]

Episode No. Airdate Total Viewers
BBC One Weekly Ranking
1 10 May 2011 8.79 4
2 11 May 2011 8.30 7
3 18 May 2011 8.10 5
4 25 May 2011 8.62 4
5 1 June 2011 7.59 1
6 8 June 2011 8.62 3
7 15 June 2011 8.40 5
8 22 June 2011 8.78 2
9 29 June 2011 8.98 1
10 6 July 2011 9.42 1
11 13 July 2011 9.73 2
12 17 July 2011 10.24 1
Series average 8.80 N/A


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