Academia El Tango Argentino

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Academia El Tango Argentino
Directed by Julio Irigoyen
Produced by Julio Irigoyen
Written by Julio Irigoyen
Starring Warly Ceriani
Domingo Conte
Ada Cornaro
Elisa Labardén
Tino Tori
Herminia Velich
Cinematography Roberto Irigoyen
Release date
  • 1942 (1942)
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Academia El Tango Argentino (English: The Argentine Tango Academy) is a 1942 black and white Argentine musical romantic drama film directed and written by Julio Irigoyen and written by Julio Porter. It stars Warly Ceriani and Domingo Conte. The movie was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The film is about tango dancing, an integral part of Argentine culture.


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