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The Armadillo Tea Rooms

Coordinates: 53°24′23″N 2°59′12″W / 53.4063°N 2.9868°W / 53.4063; -2.9868
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53°24′23″N 2°59′12″W / 53.4063°N 2.9868°W / 53.4063; -2.9868

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image icon Statue of Carl Jung, with plaque bearing quotation. Armadillo Tea Rooms, circa 1980's

The Armadillo Tea Rooms was a café[when?] in Liverpool that were a significant part of the early '80s music scene. This was helped by their proximity to Mathew Street and Probe Records.[1][2][3][4]

They were especially noted for the furry seat covers on the toilets.

The building is now occupied by Flanagan's Apple.[5]


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