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The Army Rumour Service (ARRSE) is a commercial internet forum sometimes promoting itself as an unofficial British Army website. Known colloquially as ARRSE—from "ARmy Rumour SErvice"—the site styles itself as the unofficial voice of the British Army. It gets more than 5 million page hits per month and has been quoted by the mainstream news and national press,[2][3] and entioned in a debate on service voting in the House of Lords.[4] It supports various charities.[5]


The aim of the website is to provide a useful, informative and amusing site for people with an interest in the British Army. Users can expect to find both reasoned argument and general chatter within the site.


The site is divided into several sections

  • Forums
  • Chat rooms
  • An Instant Message facility
  • An image gallery
  • A list of members
  • A Military equipment online shop

  • The ARRSEPedia.[6] A somewhat irreverent military encyclopedia using MediaWiki. In their own words "The content is humorous, serious, sensible, stupid, decent and just occasionally a touch offensive."[citation needed]·
  • A review section which reviews various military themed items, such as books and equipment.

There are regular book competions which can notoriously difficult to win


ARRSE came into being in January 2002 started by a couple of army officers after a drunken discussion in a Salisbury pub. The original concept was "borrowed" from the Professional Pilots Rumour Network (PPRuNe) where some of the early site users frequented the "Military Pilots" forum. At the time there was no single outlet for army discussion except for a couple of boards started up by former students of the (then) Army 6th Form College. To begin with, the top brass in the army and MoD were not happy with an outlet that they couldn't control and tried to compete with ARRSE by setting up an official site that over time became the current ArmyNet. The fact that users were not afforded any anonymity on the official site meant that ARRSE flourished, especially after the press began to use it as a source of easily obtainable quotes. Around 2007, a holding company called OliveNet was formed to manage ARRSE and the other spin off sites Rum Ration and Rear Party. The RAF forum eGoat is entirely unconnected with any of the OliveNet sites.

ARRSE is primarily for the British Army, although former and serving Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force personnel are also members and contribute to the site.

The site is run by one of the founders and a team of volunteer moderators with experience or expertise in the areas that the forum covers.

The site was originally created using MS Frontpage. It soon became apparent that this was not up to the task and the latest version of ARRSE operates using DragonflyCMS version 9.6.1 and also uses the following Open Source projects for other parts of the site:

The site underwent a major overhaul in September 2010 with many of the forums being rationalised into groups so that the page refresh rate was significantly increased.


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