The Arrows of Robin Hood

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The Arrows of Robin Hood
The Arrows of Robin Hood.jpg
Distributed by Riga Film Studio
Release date
Country Soviet Union

The Arrows of Robin Hood (Russian: Стрелы Робин Гуда, alternative translations - Robin Good's Arrows, Robin Gud's Arrows) is a Soviet 1975 film about Robin Hood directed by Sergei Tarasov.

Two soundtracks exist for the movie. In 1975 Vladimir Vysotsky wrote and performed seven ballads, six of them were included in the final version. However a recommendation by Goskino editorial board called them inadequate for a romantic adventure; the real reason being conflicts with Vysotsky. In 1976 new songs were performed by Aija Kukule and Viktors Lapčenoks, lyrics by Lev Prozorovsky, music by Raimonds Pauls, this version was released in the cinemas. Four of Vysotsky's songs were later used in 1982 film The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe also directed by Tarasov, set in the same time and place and using some of the same characters. In the 1990s the film was successfully re-released with the 1975 soundtrack. The DVDs also have the 1975 soundtrack.


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