The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not for Sale

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The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not for Sale
Directed by Jeff Stimmel
Starring Chuck Connelly
Theme music composer Paul A. Anderson
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Diana Holtzberg
Cinematography Atanasio DiFelice
Editor(s) John Dowdell
Running time 60 minutes
Original network HBO Documentaries
Original release 2008

The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not for Sale, a documentary television film directed by Jeff Stimmel, premiered at the L.A. Film Festival in June 2008 and was shown on HBO in July.


The documentary chronicles the artist Chuck Connelly as he struggles with his temperament, alcoholism, and disillusionment with reality. These factors culminate in the alienation of gallery owners, collectors, and his wife; serving to depress Connelly further. The documentary details the tragedy of the fallen artist as he fights to maintain his dignity and integrity in the face of a world that refuses to accept him.


The documentary won an Emmy at the 30th annual event in 2009 for the 'Outstanding Arts & Culture Programming' category.


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