The Art of the Faker

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The Art of the Faker is an influential 1959 book on art forgery by Frank Arnau.

Editions and translations[edit]

  • 1959 Kunst der Fälscher - Fälscher der Kunst. 3000 Jahre Betrug mit Antiquitäten. (Original German edition)
  • 1960 L'Art des faussaires et les faussaires de l'art (French translation by Édith Vincent)
  • 1960 Arte della falsificazione, falsificazione dell'arte (Italian translation by Piero Bernardini, published in Milan)
  • 1961 The art of the faker: three thousand years of deception in art and antiques (English translation by J. Maxwell Brownjohn, published in London)
  • 1961 El Arte De Falsificar El Arte : Tres Mil Años De Fraudes En El Comercio De Antigüedades (Spanish translation by Juan Godó Costa, published in Barcelona)

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