The Artist Collection: Busta Rhymes

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The Artist Collection: Busta Rhymes
Compilation album by Busta Rhymes
Released October 12, 2004
Recorded 2001-2003
Genre Hip hop
Label BMG International
Producer Busta Rhymes, The Neptunes, J Dilla, Just Blaze, Rick Rock, Dr. Dre, Wild Style, True Master, Yogi
Busta Rhymes chronology
It Ain't Safe No More
(2002)It Ain't Safe No More2002
The Artist Collection: Busta Rhymes
The Big Bang
(2006)The Big Bang2006

The Artist Collection is a compilation album by rapper Busta Rhymes.

Track listing[edit]

1."Break Ya Neck" 
2."Make It Clap" 
3."Pass the Courvoisier, pt. 2" 
4."Call the Ambulance" 
5."It Ain't Safe No More..." 
6."Everybody Rise Again" 
7."Till It's Gone" 
8."Match the Name With the Voice" 
9."Light Your Ass on Fire" 
10."Turn Me Up Some" 
11."Betta Stay Up in Your House" 
12."What It Is?" 
13."Hey Ladies"