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This article is about the New Zealand television channel specializing in culture. For the television channel of the same name in the United Kingdom and Ireland, see Sky Arts.
Sky Arts
Launched 1 March 2005
Owned by SKY Network Television
Formerly called The Arts Channel
SKY Network Television Channel 27
Vodafone Channel 27

Sky Arts is a New Zealand television station dedicated to arts and cultural television from New Zealand and around the world.

Its content is high quality arts entertainment and information. Programming includes music, documentaries on visual arts, design, sculpture, architecture, literature, theatre, history of the arts, symphony orchestra concerts, ballet, dance, and opera.

Documentaries aired include I Remember Better When I Paint narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Olivia de Havilland, an informative film offering pivotal insights into the treatment of Alzheimer's disease through the creative arts.[1]


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