The Assassin King

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The Assassin King is the sixth book in the Elizabeth Haydon series, the Symphony of Ages, released December 26, 2006, by Tor Books.

Plot Summary[edit]

Dhracian hunter Rath arrives by sea, searching for the F'dor demons and also for Ysk, now known as Achmed the Snake, the Assassin King of Ylorc. At the same time dragons gather in a primeval forest glade to mourn the death of the dragon Llauron, who died protecting his daughter-in-law Rhapsody and her newborn son, Meridion, which happened at the end of the previous book of the series, Elegy for a Lost Star. His death also means the loss of the lore and control over the Earth itself that it represents. The dragons are terrified for what will come as a result of this loss.

In Navarne, Lord and Lady Cymrian hold a secret meeting attended by King Achmed, his sergeant Grunthor, Lord Marshal Anborn, young Duke Gwydion Navarne and Constantin, the Patriarch of Sepulvarta. It becomes clear that Talquist, the new ruler of Sorbold, is making preparations for a war against his neighbours.

Ashe sends his wife and baby Meridion to safety to Ylorc with Achmed and Grunthor and calls a meeting of Cymrian nobles. Meanwhile Anborn and Constantin travel with an army to the Holy City of Sepulvarta, which has been attacked by sorboldian troops. Achmed meets Rath, who tells him of his destiny to hunt the F'dor demons, yet declines Rath's request to join him - as a Firbolg King and protector of the Earth Child he has other priorities.


  • Rhapsody, Lady Cymrian
  • Achmed the Snake, King of Ylorc
  • Grunthor, Achmed's Sergeant-Major
  • Ashe, Lord Cymrian
  • Anborn, the Lord Marshal
  • Gwydion, Duke of Navarne
  • Talquist, Emperor Presumptive
  • Faron
  • Rath

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