The Assault on Reason

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The Assault on Reason
The Assault on Reason.jpg
AuthorAl Gore
PublisherPenguin Press
Publication date
May 22, 2007
973.931 22
LC ClassE902 .G67 2007

The Assault on Reason is a 2007 book by Al Gore which brands conservatives as "enemies of justice and truth" engaged in a "systematic attack on the role of reasoned debate in policy and public life"[1] in America. In the book, the former U.S. Vice President heavily criticizes the George W. Bush administration for its actions in furthering the "assault on reason". He argues that there is a trend in U.S. politics toward ignoring facts and analysis when making policy decisions, calling the Congress, the judiciary, and the press complicit in the process. Gore's prescription is that the average citizen must be proactive in "restoring democracy". He expresses hopes that the medium of the Internet will supersede television and what he argues is its inherent bias, creating a "marketplace of ideas" that has not been present since the replacement of the printed word with mass media.

The book ranked number one on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover nonfiction during the first four weeks of its release, and was on the list top 35 for fifteen weeks.[2] Actor Will Patton narrates the audio version.



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