The Astronomer's Dream

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The Astronomer's Dream
The moon from The Astronomers Dream.jpg
The Moon
Directed byGeorges Méliès
Release date
  • 1898 (1898)
Full film

The Astronomer's Dream (French: Le Reve D'un Astronome, original title: La lune à un mètre a.k.a. The Moon at One Meter) (Star Film Catalogue no. 160-162) is an 1898 French short black-and-white silent film, directed by Georges Méliès.


In the observatory, the astronomer is studying at his desk. Satan appears, then a woman appears and makes Satan vanish. Then she disappears. The astronomer draws a globe on a blackboard. The globe develops a sun-like head and limbs and starts to move on the blackboard. The astronomer looks through a small telescope.

The Moon appears in a building as a large face. It has eaten the astronomer's telescope. Men tumble from its mouth. Then the Moon is in the sky. The astronomer, in a different dress, stands on a table, which disappears. He falls.

The Moon becomes a crescent. A spirit, in the form of a lady, appears from it. The astronomer chases her, but she eludes him.

Now another figure stands in the crescent of the Moon, before reclining into its C shape.

The Moon appears as a large face again, and the astronomer jumps into its mouth. a woman and Satan appears. The astronomer appears again. Then, in the observatory, the astronomer is sitting asleep in his chair.

Production Notes[edit]

The film was hand colored like many of Méliès' other films.

When this film was imported into the United States by producer Sigmund Lubin in 1899 he re-titled it A Trip to the Moon. However this had no relation to the 1902 film A Trip to the Moon.[1]

Current status[edit]

Given its age, this short film is available to freely download from the Internet.


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