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The Asylum Choir was an American rock duo active in the late 1960s. It was composed of keyboardist Leon Russell and guitarist Marc Benno.[1]


Essentially a studio musician gathering, the Asylum Choir was formed around 1967 and the group's debut album was issued in 1968.[2] A second album was recorded in 1969, but the album did not see release until late 1971 because of contract disputes.[2] The duo had long since disbanded, but the second record sold well due to Russell's successful solo career, peaking at #70 on the Billboard 200 in 1972. Benno also became a successful solo artist later in the decade. He also played guitar on The Doors album, L.A. Woman.[1]

Russell used his creativity by writing and arranged each song. Russell recorded and played back a sped-up trumpet section. He use a multitrack recording of himself playing: piano, guitar and drums on each song. Benno using multi-track recording was on vocals, guitar and bass guitar.[3]



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