The Atheist's Guide to Christmas

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The Atheist's Guide to Christmas
The atheist's guide to christmas.jpg
Author Ariane Sherine (Editor)
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Religion
Publisher Friday Project/Harper Perennial(US Edition)
Publication date
1 Oct 2009 (14 Oct 2010 Paperback)/ 2 November 2010 (US Edition)
Media type Print/Audiobook (Hardcover/Paperback)
Pages 272
ISBN 978-0-00-732261-9

The Atheist's Guide to Christmas is a 2009 book written by 42 atheist celebrities, comedians, scientists and writers who give their funny and serious tips for enjoying the Christmas season. It made the Amazon best-seller list on its launch.[1] It is the first atheist charity book campaign with the full book advance and half of the royalties being donated to the UK HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust.[2][3]

Contributors to the book include Richard Dawkins, Charlie Brooker, Derren Brown, Ben Goldacre, Jenny Colgan, David Baddiel, Simon Singh, AC Grayling, Jennifer McCreight, Natalie Haynes, Brian Cox, Nick Doody, Ed Byrne, Matt Kirshen, Richard Herring, Emery Emery and Simon Le Bon. In the audio book version the authors read out their contributions.[4] The number of authors was kept to 42 to honour the memory of Douglas Adams - a friend of Richard Dawkins and an atheist himself.