The Attack of the Giant Moussaka

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The Attack of the Giant Moussaka
Attack of the giant mousaka dvd.jpg
French theatrical release poster
Directed byPanos H. Koutras
Produced byPanos H. Koutras
Written byPanos Evagellidis
Yorgos Korontsis
StarringYannis Aggelakis
Myriam Vourou
Christos Mantakas
Gregory Patrikareas
Eugene Dimitriou
Themis Bazaka
Roubini Vasilakopoulou
Jenny Balatsinou
Dorothea Mercouri[1]
Music byKonstantinos Vita
CinematographyZafiris Epaminondas
Edited byElissavet Chronopoulou
Release date
24 December 1999 [1]
Running time
90 minutes
LanguageGreek, English, French,[2] Japanese, Russian.

The Attack of the Giant Moussaka (French: L'Attaque de la moussaka géante; Greek: Η Επίθεση του Γιγαντιαίου Μουσακά; 1999), is a Greek science fiction parody film, produced, written and directed by Panos H. Koutras.[3][4][5][6] It has been released theatrically in France, with French subtitles, and Japan, with Japanese subtitles.[7] It has been screened at several festivals, including specialised LGBT film festivals, and has achieved cult status.[8]


The city of Athens is at war with a terrifying gigantic moussaka accidentally produced when an ordinary serving is hit by a ray from an alien space ship.[3]


  • Yannis Aggelakis[9] as Tara
  • Myriam Vourou as Joy Boudala
  • Christos Mantakas[10] as Alexis Alexiou
  • Gregory Patrikareas[11] as Antonis Boudalas
  • Eugene Dimitriou as Aris Boudalas
  • Themis Bazaka[12] as Evi Bay
  • Roubini Vasilakopoulou as Aleka Spay
  • Jenny Balatsinou as doctor[13]
  • Dorothea Mercouri[14] as Gora
  • Hilda Iliopoulou as Daizy Karra
  • Nikos Saropoulos as Dinos Dinou
  • Michalis Pantos as Dimis
  • Maria Kavadia as Chanel

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