The Audio of Being

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The Audio of Being
Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being.png
Studio album by Matthew Good Band
Released October 30, 2001 (CAN)
January 8, 2002 (U.S.)
Recorded December, 2000
Genre Alternative rock
Length 63:24
Label Universal Music Canada
Producer Warne Livesey
Matthew Good Band chronology
Loser Anthems
(1999)Loser Anthems1999
Audio of Being
Singles from The Audio of Being
  1. "Carmelina"
    Released: September 2001
  2. "Anti-Pop"
    Released: February 2002
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]
CHARTattack 4.5/5 stars [2]
Sputnikmusic 4.5/5 stars [3]

The Audio Of Being is the fourth and final album by the Canadian rock group Matthew Good Band, released in 2001. It included two singles: "Carmelina" and "Anti-Pop". The album was certified Gold on March 14, 2003.[4]

Recording of the album[edit]

The recording of this album was reported to be very stressful for all members of the band. Guitarist Dave Genn referred to the process as "taking a long and painful shit", however people always misquote Dave when he says this. The quote was referring to the process of making ANY record, not specifically the making of The Audio of Being.[5] Front-man Matthew Good was very ill during much of the sessions[citation needed]. The tension between the band continued to grow and even caused Genn to leave the band only to return a short time later. Ultimately, the band reached the breaking point shortly after the album's release and parted ways, although Rich Priske stayed on as the bassist for Matthew Good's subsequent solo career. Although it is widely believed that the band breaking up was a turbulent and almost violent occurrence, Matthew Good has stated[citation needed] that, although it was less than amicable, it was not nearly as bad as the rumors suggested.

Mixed feelings[edit]

Matthew Good has often harshly criticized[citation needed] the album in interviews, claiming to be very dissatisfied with the result[citation needed]. However, Good later discussed the album on his blog and stated he felt that there are some good songs on it (specifically noting "Sort of a Protest Song"). In fact, for his 2nd cross-Canada tour in 2004 Good played "The Rat Who Would Be King" and "The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production" live for the first time ever, as well as "Carmelina" and "Advertising on Police Cars." Songs from The Audio of Being were also rearranged for Rooms, the second disc of In a Coma, and played on Good's 2006 acoustic tour.

Special Editions[edit]

Three different packages were released, in black, white and grey. Each included a special booklet with the CD case that had lyrics to all Matthew Good Band songs to date. The words "kept", "in the" or "dark" appeared on the spine of the jewel case depending on the colour, which would line up if all 3 were put together. "Help us get rid of the Matthew Good Band" appears on the hubs of the discs.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Matthew Good, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Man of Action" 7:01
2. "Carmelina" 4:16
3. "Tripoli" (Good, Genn) 4:39
4. "Advertising on Police Cars" 7:08
5. "I, the Throw Away" 3:09
6. "Truffle Pigs" 4:47
7. "The Fall of Man" (Good, Genn, Priske, Browne) 5:03
8. "Under the Influence" (Good, Genn, Priske, Browne) 4:32
9. "The Rat Who Would Be King" 6:47
10. "Anti-Pop" 4:08
11. "The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production" 5:21
12. "Sort of a Protest Song" 6:33


  • "Carmelina" contains lyrics which refer to the shooting of Joan Vollmer Adams by William S. Burroughs and his subsequent flight to Mexico to escape possible detention.[6]
  • "I, the Throw Away" contains lyrics which were once a part of another unknown song, which was written prior to the release of Beautiful Midnight. Good liked the final verses, including them in his October 1999 manifesto, and retained them for this song.
  • "Truffle Pigs" contains the final lyrics "Jenn, I'll bring them to their knees"[citation needed] which are a reference to his future wife (and now, ex-wife) Jennifer Meischl. These lyrics are not included with the others in the liner notes.
  • "Truffle Pigs" and "Anti-Pop" were added after the initial recording session for the album. This was done at the suggestion of the record label, which was concerned that the record lacked any marketable singles. This quote, taken from Facebook, talks more about Anti-Pop:

There an interesting story behind that song actually. The record company, I had already delivered that entire record to the record company. They use this whole back-channeling system cause the Matthew Good Band was a very political band. We actually weren't all friends to begin with. It was a super political situation, everyone was always trying to basically fuck everyone else over at the exact same time, and I would just puke all day. And my record company called my management who called Dave Genn who said "oh you have to write a hit for the record". So I tried to write the worst song I could possibly come up with. And then you know, in true fucking major record company fashion, they put it on the record. That's how stupid record companies are.

  • Known b-sides for The Audio of Being include "Pony Boy" and "All Together". The former was originally recorded during the demo sessions for Good's previous album, Beautiful Midnight. Good has stated his preference for this original demo version of the song, on which only he and former band member Ian Browne were players. When it was re-recorded for The Audio of Being, Good's friend, musician, and fellow Vancouverite Holly McNarland performed backing vocals. "All Together" was, up until a month before its release, included on the official track listing for The Audio of Being, being placed between "Anti-Pop" and "The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production" but was cut because Matthew Good felt that having it on the same record as "I, The Throw Away" was redundant. In 2003, "Pony Boy" and "All Together" were leaked onto the internet by an unknown party. "Pony Boy" was later remixed (removing McNarland's vocal tracks and changing the piano track to a higher octave), and officially released on 2005 compilation album In A Coma:1995-2005, while "All Together" was remixed and released as an iTunes bonus track included with pre-orders of the compilation.


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