The Auteurs vs. Mu-Ziq

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The Auteurs vs. μ-Ziq
EP by The Auteurs
Released 28 October 1994
Genre Electronic, Dance
Length 45:48
Label Hut Recordings United Kingdom

Astralwerks/Caroline/Virgin/EMI Records United States
Producer Mike Paradinas
The Auteurs chronology
Now I'm a Cowboy
(1994)Now I'm a Cowboy1994
The Auteurs vs. μ-Ziq
After Murder Park
(1996)After Murder Park1996

The Auteurs vs. μ-Ziq is a remix EP from British intelligent dance music producer μ-Ziq (a.k.a. Mike Paradinas). It was released October 1994, on Hut Records in the UK then released as μ-Ziq vs. the Auteurs on Astralwerks in the US during February 1995. μ-Ziq remixes tracks from the "Now I'm a Cowboy" album by The Auteurs,[1] about which in his memoir Bad Vibes, singer Luke Haines claimed this album to be his version of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music —that it was deliberately unlistenable and mocking the critics who gave it great reviews.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lenny Valentino 3" - 8:09
  2. "Daughter of a Child" - 6:09
  3. "Chinese Bakery" - 4:51
  4. "Underground Movies" - 5:22
  5. "Lenny Valentino 1" - 12:28
  6. "Lenny Valentino 2" - 8:50