The Autograph Man

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The Autograph Man
First edition cover
Author Zadie Smith
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Hamish Hamilton
Publication date
12 September 2002
Media type paperback, hardback
Pages 432 pp.
ISBN 978-0-241-13998-1
OCLC 59446573

The Autograph Man, published in 2002, is the second novel by Zadie Smith.[1] It follows the progress of a Jewish-Chinese Londoner named Alex-Li Tandem, who buys and sells autographs for a living and is obsessed with celebrities. Eventually, his obsession culminates in a meeting with the elusive American-Russian actress Kitty Alexander, a star from Hollywood's Golden Age. In 2003, the novel won the Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prize. The novel was a commercial success, but was not as well received by readers and critics as her previous and first novel, White Teeth (2000). Smith has stated that before she started work on The Autograph Man she had writer's block.[2]


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